Steven Babitsky

Steven Babitsky

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Steven Babitsky

Steven Babitsky is the president and founder of SEAK, Inc., a professional training, consulting, and education firm. He was a personal injury trial attorney for twenty years and is the former managing partner of the firm Kistin, Babitsky, Latimer & Beitman. He has developed and taught numerous courses on negotiating, is the coauthor of over twenty books, and serves as a professional negotiation consultant. He resides in Falmouth, Massachusetts.

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Never Lose Again by Steven Babitsky and James J. Mangraviti Jr.--Audiobook Excerpt

Listen to this audiobook excerpt from Steven Babitsky and James J. Mangraviti, Jr.'s book Never Lose Again: Become a Top Negotiator by Asking the Right Questions. Negotiating is an art. It's complicated. To become an exceptional negotiator traditionally requires years of experience in negotiations. But that doesn't mean that most people can't quickly and easily learn proven negotiating skill and techniques if someone shows them what to do. This book does exactly that.

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Never Lose Again

Steven Babitsky and James J. Mangraviti Jr.
St. Martin's Griffin/Thomas Dunne Books

The Most Practical Book on Negotiating Ever Written Negotiating is an art. It’s complicated. To become an exceptional negotiator traditionally requires years...

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