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  • Augusten Burroughs discusses A Wolf at the Table

    Augusten Burroughs discusses the audio book adaption of his memoir, A Wolf at the Table.

  • In Studio: Augusten Burroughs

    Go behind the scenes with Augusten as he records pages for the audiobook for A Wolf at the Table.

  • A Wolf at the Table by Augusten Burroughs--Audiobook Excerpt

    Listen to bestselling author Augusten Burroughs read from his memoir A Wolf at the Table in this audiobook excerpt. Nominated for the 2009 Audiobook of the Year, the audiobook features exclusive original songs from Patti Smith, Sea Wolf, Ingrid Michaelson, and Tegan Quin from Tegan and Sara.

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Q & A

Tegan Quin talks about her involvement with the audiobook for A Wolf at the Table
Why were you interested in working on this project?
I am a huge fan of Augusten Burroughs. It was without question one of the most exciting and flattering requests of our career. There was no question that I was going to be involved. I had never done something like this and felt it was the perfect project to cut my teeth on as I was so interested in the subject.
How did you go about the writing process in terms of using the book as inspiration?
I read the book. Twice. I then sat down and mapped out a basic outline of the themes that moved me most. I wrote them down as a series of questions. Which in the end kind of fucked me up because they ended up reading as lyrics and eventually did indeed become the basis for most of my lyrics in the song.
What do you think of Augusten Burroughs?
I think Augusten is a wonderful, funny, intensely intuitive and articulate person who has an uncanny ability to disarm those that would typically not be disarmed. I think he has in the past been quite fun to read. He displays his dysfunction in away that encourages me to embrace my own dysfunction. With his newest book he shows a very serious side. I think he writes beautifully.
Who are some of your favorite authors or literary influences?
John Irving. Marisha Pessl. Zadie Smith. Dave Eggers. Richard Ford. Augusten Burroughs. Yann Martel. Ann-Marie Macdonald. Leo Tolstoy.
Do you ever listen to audiobooks yourself?
The first one I ever bought was Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris. It was a result of music overload on the long drive days on tour and we listened to it 3 times in a row. We started investing in books on tape soon afterward.


Nominated for the 2009 Audiobook of the Year“As a little boy, I had a dream that my father had taken me to the woods where there was a dead body. He buried it and...