T. L. Mitchell

Tedd L. Mitchell, M.D. is the medical director for the Cooper Wellness Program at the Aerobics Center in Dallas and is a health columnist for USA Weekend.

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Fit to Lead--Audiobook Excerpt

Listen to this audiobook excerpt from Fit to Lead: The Proven 8-Week Solution for Shaping Up Your Body, Your Mind, and Your Career, by Christopher P. Neck, Ph.D., Tedd L. Mitchell, M.D., Charles C. Manz, Ph.D., and Emmet C. Thompson II, D.SL. A proven program to help busy executives get Fit to Lead.

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Fit to Lead

Christopher P. Neck, Ph.D., Tedd .L. Mitchell, M.D., Charles C. Manz, Ph.D., Emmet C. Thompson II, D.S.L.
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Improve your body, improve your career: An executive fitness plan by experts from the Cooper Wellness Clinic • Tom Monaghan, the founder of Domino’s Pizza,...

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