Tom Lazarus

Tom Lazarus is the author of SECRETS OF FILM WRITING.  He has had eight feature films made from his original screenplays, including the #1 hit “Stigmata.”  He has also taught an Advanced Screenwriting Workshop at UCLA Extension for thirteen years and writes, directs and executive produces an hour-long drama for cable television. 

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by the author

Rewriting Secrets for Screenwriters

Tom Lazarus; Foreword by Scott Frank
St. Martin's Griffin

Every screenwriter needs to rewrite—more than once, probably many times—to make the story work and then to make a sale. And then again later on, to please...

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Secrets of Film Writing

Tom Lazarus
St. Martin's Griffin

Most books about screenplays instruct on three-act structure, character arcs, and how to format a script. But you already know all that. Secrets of Film...

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