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VIC DARKWOOD is a writer, traveler and bon viveur, whose past projects include co-founding The Chap magazine in 1998 and co-writing several tomes, including The Chap Manifesto and Around the World in Eighty Martinis. Mr. Darkwood is currently working on a concise history of marmalade. He is married to Mrs. Darkwood, with no issue.

Vic Darkwood

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Vic Darkwood

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How to Make Friends and Oppress People
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How to Make Friends and Oppress People

Vic Darkwood
St. Martin's Press
Thomas Dunne Books

In Which the Author Offers Elucidating Advice on the Subjects of:
--Fireplaces in Boats
--The Theory of Tea-Making
--Insects, Vermin and Other Troublesome Creatures
--Modes of Salutation
--How to Treat Banditti
--Engaging in a Gun Battle
--Ballooning as a Sport

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