W. Marvin Watson

In 1958 W. Marvin Watson created one of the first Johnson-for-President clubs in Texas. As a result of his early work on Johnson's behalf, Watson was appointed a White House special assistant in 1965 and assumed the job of White House chief of staff after Bill Moyers resigned that position in 1966.

Sherwin Markman was a special assistant to LBJ until 1968. He went on to work as a senior trial lawyer for Hogan & Hartson until 1992. He is the author of a novel, The Election, and the editor of Lyndon Johnson Remembered: An Intimate Portrait of a President.

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Chief of Staff

W. Marvin Watson with Sherwin Markman
Thomas Dunne Books

Chief of Staff to the President is perhaps the most important political appointment in our nation's government. Aside from handling the myriad of day to day...

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