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Backstage Stuff

Backstage Stuff

Jane Wheel Mysteries (Volume 7)

Sharon Fiffer

Minotaur Books




With a divorce looming, antiques picker and P.I. Jane Wheel has been spinning her wheels, unsure what to do with herself. She could use a good shove in the right direction, and while she may know this, she isn't about to admit it. Luckily, her best friend, Tim Lowry, has her interests at heart, and he has the perfect answer.

Not only does he have a mansion he needs help prepping for an estate sale, but he has unearthed an old play, a murder mystery, that he's dying to put on. The play would be just the thing to get Jane back on track—that is, if it weren't cursed. Thankfully, Tim isn't buying into any curse and pushes forward in spite of the ominous notes that keep showing up in the actors' scripts warning against a performance. It's only when the show's carpenter dies in a suspicious accident that Jane is convinced someone definitely doesn't want the show to go on and might be willing to kill to stop it.

Lively and intriguing as ever, Sharon Fiffer's Backstage Stuff is as much fun for the puzzling mystery as it is for sneak peek at all of the surprises that Jane has collected backstage for the big show.



Jane Wheel couldn't sleep.
Odd expression, she thought … couldn't sleep.
She could sleep. She knew how to sleep. She was physically able to sleep.
Wasn't everyone?
It was just that this particular...


Praise for Backstage Stuff

“A murder mystery that deserves a standing-O by final curtain…  Author Sharon Fiffer evidently enjoys the theatrical milieu as much as a yard sale, and that enthusiasm  carries over--via Jane, of course--to the entire proceedings… This is Fiffer's 'lucky number seven' Jane Wheel novel, one that already stands as a top pick for this New Year's mysteries” —Yahoo Shine

“As usual in this entertaining series, information on antiques and collectibles is intertwined with the mystery, and this time the dynamics of running a community theater are also in the mix.” —Booklist

“Details about the antiques trade are woven throughout the story, adding to the appeal for series fans, who will be intrigued to learn that Jane's life will have to weather some big changes.” —Booklist on Scary Stuff

“Amusing takes on Hollywood personalities and excesses.” —Kirkus Reviews on Hollywood Stuff

“Not even John O'Hara could have objectified that social divide faster or [more neatly].” —Chicago Tribune on The Wrong Stuff

“Haunters of flea markets and yard sales are in for a collectible treat.” —Publishers Weekly on The Wrong Stuff

“Fiffer has created an attractive and entertaining detective.” —The Dallas Morning News on Killer Stuff

“Sharon Fiffer's first mystery is a must-have. . . . This one's a keeper.” —Chicago Tribune on Killer Stuff

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About the author

Sharon Fiffer

Sharon Fiffer collects buttons, Bakelite, pottery, vintage potholders, keys, locks, and other killer stuff. She is coeditor of the anthologies Home: American Writers Remember Rooms of Their Own, Body, and Family: American Writers Remember Their Own, and the author of six previous Jane Wheel mysteries as well as the nonfiction book Imagining America. She lives near Chicago, Illinois.

Sharon Fiffer



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