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Best of the Cheapskate Monthly

Best of the Cheapskate Monthly

Simple Tips For Living Lean In The Nineties

Mary Hunt, Editor

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Mary Hunt is a self-avowed reformed spendthrift and credit-card junkie. When she and her family of four found themselves $100,000 in debt and her husband suddenly lost his job, it was time to tighten the belt.

Refusing to sacrifice her quality of life, Ms. Hunt systematically put to work every tip, trick and technique to turn her financial disaster around.

Translating that experience into her immensely popular newsletter, The Cheapskate Monthly, Ms. Hunt now tells you all you need to know to turn your own finances around for good.

Filled with first-person accounts, recipes, formulas, budgeting and recylcing tips, reader response and encouragement, The Best of the Cheapskate Monthly is a necessity for the '90s.


The Best of the Cheapskate Monthly

From Credit Card Junkie to Cheapskate
My Story
I used to be anything but a cheapskate. I would break into a cold sweat at even the thought of being considered...


Praise for Best of the Cheapskate Monthly

“Hunt has become so competent at pinching pennies that she teaches others the fine art through Cheapskate Monthly.” —Business Week

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About the author

Mary Hunt, Editor

Mary Hunt is the creator and publisher of "The Cheapskate Monthly," a newsletter that has provided help and advice since 1992 to overspenders and those burdened with debt. Author of several books on living debt-free and a popular speaker, she has appeared on such shows as Good Morning America and The Oprah Winfrey Show, and she has been featured in USA Today, U.S. News and World Report, Newsday, and The Wall Street Journal. She lives with her husband in Orange County, California.

Mary Hunt

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