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Better in the Dark

Better in the Dark

A Novel of Saint-Germain

St. Germain (Volume 8)

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

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Here at last is a long-hinted-at chapter in the undead existence of the immortal Count Saint-Germain: the story of Ranegonda of Saxony, one of the three great loves of Saint-Germian's life.

937 A.D. The Saxon fortress of Leosan is under the almost unheard-of rule of a woman. The Gerefa of the fortress has become a monk, leaving his sister, Ranegonda, to rule in his name as best she can--and to deal with his embittered, headstrong wife as well. Into this tense and dire situation comes Saint-Germain. Shipwrecked on the Baltic shore, near the true death, he is found by Ranegonda, whom he will come to love for the gift of blood she gives him, and for her own indomitable spirit.



In the smaller of the two graves lay the swaddled bodies of three children, none of them older than five; in the other, set apart from the rest of the little churchyard, the body of their mother sprawled in the sodden garments...


Praise for Better in the Dark

“Chelsea Quinn Yarbro has created the most memorable and original vampire since Bram Stoker's Dracula.” —The Bookwatch

“Any book by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro is keepsake; any new book by her is a must-read. She's a cult favorite, a fan's delight. her specialty: Vampires.” —West Coast Review of Books

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About the author

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's interests range from music--she composes and has studied seven different instruments as well as voice--to history, from horseback riding to needlepoint. Her writing is similarly wide-ranging; under her own name and pseudonyms, she has written everything from westerns to mysteries, from science fiction to nonfiction history.

Yarbro's critically-acclaimed historical horror novels featuring the Count Saint-Germain, including Hotel Transylvania, A Feast in Exile, Communion Blood, and Night Blooming, have a loyal readership. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro has always lived in California and currently makes her home in the Berkeley area.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

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