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Boardwalk Gangster

Boardwalk Gangster

The Real Lucky Luciano

Tim Newark

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

For the first twenty-five years of his career, Lucky Luciano was a vicious mobster who became the king of the New York underworld. For the next twenty-five, he was a fake, his reputation maintained by government agents. Boardwalk Gangster follows him from his early days as a hit man to his sex and narcotics empires, exposing the truth about what he did to help the Allies in World War II, and revealing how he really spent his twilight years.

Drawing on secret government documents in the United States and Europe, this myth-busting biography tells a story that has never been told before—in which the American Mafia becomes entangled with foreign war and Cold War conspiracy.


Boardwalk Gangster

Jack Diamond, thirty-four years old, successful owner of the Hotsy Totsy Club on Broadway in New York City, rested comfortably in the plush surroundings of a first-class passenger...


Praise for Boardwalk Gangster

“A fascinating case of how criminals are made, broken--and made again.” —The Huffington Post

“Well written and well researched.” —The Telegraph (Books of the Year) (UK)

“This interesting book separates the truth about Luciano from the stories and movies about his life.” —The Oklahoman

“A must for true-crime fans.” —News of the World (UK)

“Newark provides what is, probably, the most balanced biography of a man who often claimed to be a victim, but had little thought for his own victims.” —BBC History Magazine

“Great detective work here. Tim Newark has uncovered fascinating new angles on the Lucky Luciano story and tells it well.” —John Dickie, author of Cosa Nostra

“Tim Newark's beautifully written and thoroughly researched studies offer new information and penetrating insights on hitherto little-known chapters in the history of American organized crime.” —Robert Rockaway, author of But He Was Good to His Mother

“The victory of Mafia Allies is the depth the author brings to the subject.” —New York Post on Mafia Allies

Mafia Allies follows the fortunes of the Italian and American Cosa Nostra during the Second World War and brilliantly explodes a large number of myths in the process.” —Daily Telegraph (UK) on Mafia Allies

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About the author

Tim Newark

TIM NEWARK is the author of Mafia Allies and has contributed book reviews to the Financial Times, Time Out, and the Daily Telegraph. He has worked as a scriptwriter and consultant for seven television documentary series for the History Channel and BBC Worldwide.

Tim Newark

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Tim Newark

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