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Body of Water

Body of Water

Sarah Dooley

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Twelve-year-old Ember's trailer home has been burned in a fire set most likely by her best friend, a boy whose father believes Ember's family are witches. Yes, Ember's mom reads Tarot cards as a business. Ember's friend set the fire to warn the family before his dad did something worse to them. The friend never intended to do so much damage.

Now the family is homeless, and living in a campground. They have no money. Ember's beloved dog is missing. School is going to start, and Ember and her sister have no clean clothes, no notebooks. The only place Ember feels at peace is floating in the middle of the lake at the campground. She has to make a fresh start. Can she?



I'm certain there were puddles, even before the fire trucks came. I know because I managed to step in half of them, and my socks were sopping by the time I reached the driveway.
It's odd, though. I don't remember hearing...


Praise for Body of Water

“The book's lessons--the ability of family to persevere through hard times, the importance of not giving up--are worthy ones, and Dooley gives voice to an often overlooked group of children. Here's hoping this quiet story will be heard over the constant pinging of potential readers' iPhones.” —The New York Times Book Review

“This book is a must…” —VOYA

“Offers messages about tolerance and understanding.” —Booklist

“An enthralling tale that demystifies Wicca, humanizes homeless families and inspires reflection on friendship, forgiveness and moving forward.” —Kirkus, starred review

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Read the Kirkus Review of BODY OF WATER . A compelling story rife with drama, suspense and heart. - Kirkus Reviews

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Sarah Dooley

SARAH DOOLEY was named a "Flying Start" author by PW for her debut novel, Livvie Owen Lived Here. She lived in 24 different places as a child, including an abandoned post office, a tent, and a red cargo van. Sarah now resides in rural West Virginia.

Sarah Dooley

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