Cats on the Counter

Therapy and Training for Your Cat

Larry Lachman & Frank Mickadeit

St. Martin's Press

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Cats are wonderful companions, but when they misbehave it can be challenging, if not outright difficult, to successfully treat the behavior problem in order to restore feline harmony to the home once again. In Cats on the Counter Dr. Larry Lachman uses his unique approaches, borrowed from human therapy, to analyze what makes kitty tick, and what happens when his behavior gets out of control. Using a case-by-case format, behaviorist Lachman and journalist Frank Mickadeit deal with common problems such as clawing furniture, refusing to use the litterbox or spray marking in the house, fussy eating, and fighting with other cats. Cats on the Counter is filled with fascinating stories, excellent advice, and empathy for both misbehaving pets and their long-suffering people.

Other topics include:
The Freudian Feline and Family Therapy: cat personality and structural family systems therapy
The Jekyll & Hyde Kitty: cat aggression
Kitty Prozac: preserving your cat's mental health
Ailurophobia: the fear of cats and how to treat it
Kidproofing your Cat: teaching your children how to care for your cat
Lassie Meets Morris/Morris Meets Simba: introducing dogs to cats and cats to cats
The Final Feline Moment: pet loss, grief and how to say goodbye
"Holy Cats Batman!": Kitty ESP, catnip treats, and afterthoughts

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The Personalities of Cats and Their Humans
There is no evidence that at any time during its history the cat’s way of life and its reception into human homesteads were purposely planned and directed by humans, as was the case with all other domestic animals, at least from a very early stage of their association. . . . In other words there was no agent domesticating the cat besides the cat himself
—Paul Leyhausen
The cat is the only animal which accepts the comforts but rejects the bondage of domesticity.

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About the Author

Larry Lachman & Frank Mickadeit

Larry Lachman holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and has been an animal behavior consultant since 1986. He hosts a weekly radio talk show about pet behavior and has been used as an expert by numerous television, radio, newspaper, and magazine reporters.

Frank Mickadeit is an editor at The Orange County Register. They both live in California.

Larry Lachman
Frank Mickadeit


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Cats on the Counter
Therapy and Training for Your Cat
Larry Lachman & Frank Mickadeit

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St. Martin's Press
October 2000
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ISBN: 9780312276218
ISBN10: 0312276214
192 pages

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