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Martha O'Connor

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These are the confessions of the Bitch Posse. Cherry, Rennie, and Amy were outcasts, rebels, and dreamers. And their friendship was so all-encompassing that some would call it dangerous. This is the story of three women-as seniors in high school and as women in their mid-thirties---who formed a bond in order to survive the pitfalls and perils of their lives. In the present day, one of them is a wife and mother-to-be, trying to live a "normal" life. One of them is a writer who engages in a number of self-destructive relationships. And one of them is in a mental hospital---and has been ever since that one fateful night fifteen years ago, when a heart-wrenching betrayal and the unraveling of relationships led them to a point of no return, where their actions triggered unimaginable consequences. These secrets have torn them apart while inextricably binding them to one another. What happened to them? And can they survive their shared history, even today?

The Bitch Posse is an anthem for friendships that defy society's approval or disapproval. It's a novel of secrets, courage, sacrifice, and hope against the odds. It is both a journey back to being a girl on the verge of adulthood, and a journey forward, showing how the events of our past can unearth the best in us today.

Dare to jump in.

"The Bitch Posse is a riveting and emotionally charged read. No fluff here."

--Chicago Tribune

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Martha O'Connor

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Praise for The Bitch Posse

"Astonishing and truly remarkable...tough, subtle, tense, authentic, and very beautiful. If this isn't really Alice Sebold, Donna Tartt, or Barbara Vine writing under a pseudonym, then Martha O'Connor is a huge new talent who is already about as good as it gets."
---Lee Child, author of The Enemy

"Compulsively readable…delicious and slightly macabre details of the mid-1980's alterna-teen culture."

-The Washington Post Book World


"There's nothing pink and frilly about this tale…It's scathing, dark and impossible to put down."

-The Newark Star-Ledger


"A sizzling page-turner."



"The Bitch Posse is a riveting and emotionally charged read. No fluff here."

--Chicago Tribune


“Mysterious, violent…good girls by day and serious risk takers at night.”

--Los Angeles Times


"Eye-opening, gut-wrenching…one of the best first novels I've read this year, one that I'd literally love to put in every discerning reader's hands." 

- Sarah Weinman, Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind, Pick of the Week


"Intense, disturbing, and deeply intriguing…Fast-paced yet hauntingly reflective, this is one tough and tender read."  

--Robert Gray, author of Fresh Eyes: A Bookseller's Journal


"Quite unabashedly satisfying...prompting even this most jaded reviewer to stay up until the wee hours of the night just to find out what happened next...a thrilling ride."



"Not for the faint of heart, this debut novel will keep readers glued to the very last page."

--Library Journal


"The story fascinates even as it repels."

--Publishers Weekly


"As good a debut as it's cracked up to be...edgy, smart and sexy, like its heroines."

-The Tatler (UK)


"Reminiscent of cult movie 'Heathers', it revels in the seedy underbelly of American life." 

--Glamour (UK)


"O'Connor nails the intense, us-against-the-world, overcooked emotion that defines the friendship of teen girls and the druggy delirium of first, sexual love."

--The Cleveland Plain-Dealer


“Dark, compelling and not for the faint-hearted.'

--Heat (UK)


"An angsty, serious novel of lost dreams and sexual damage."



"A little substance never hurt anyone, and The Bitch Posse offers plenty."

--Winnipeg Free Press

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About the Author

Martha O'Connor

Martha O’Connor lives in Marin County, California, with her husband, the novelist Philip F. O'Connor. The Bitch Posse is her first novel.

Martha O'Connor


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The Bitch Posse
Martha O'Connor

Trade Paperback

Trade Paperback
St. Martin's Press
St. Martin's Griffin
June 2006
Trade Paperback
ISBN: 9780312333935
ISBN10: 0312333935
5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 352 pages

e-Book Agency

e-Book Agency
St. Martin's Press
June 2006
e-Book Agency
ISBN: 9781429907460
ISBN10: 1429907460
352 pages

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