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They’ve come from out of the shifting sands and down from ancient mountains. Mounted on horse and camel, carrying gleaming swords and plundered rifles, the sons of Allah are led by a holy warrior imbued with jihad, driving his army of thousands to wipe out the last Englishmen from the isolated Nile city...

Along with hundreds of others, British trader and businessman Ryder Courtney is trapped in the capital city of Khartoum. In Khartoum, the fates of a legendary British general, a brilliant, mercenary trader, a beautiful woman and a courageous soldier will become one. They know that time is running out and rescue is improbable. So they prepare for one last stand--and the beginning of an epic journey of survival...

From a passionate rivalry for a woman to an unforgettable face-off between warriors, Wilbur Smith's The Triumph of the Sun is adventure fiction writ large--alive with the sounds of throngs, the terror of battle, and the mystical fire of human courage in the darkest moments of all.

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Chapter One
Rebecca leant her elbows on the sill of the wide, unglazed window, and the heat of the desert blew into her face like the exhalation of a blast furnace. Even the river below her seemed to steam like a cauldron. Here it was almost a mile wide, for this was the season of High Nile. The flow was so strong that it created whirlpools and glossy eddies across the surface. The White Nile was green and fetid with the taint of the swamps through which it had so recently flowed, swamps that extended over an area the size of Belgium.

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The Triumph of the Sun by Wilbur Smith--Audio Excerpt

Listen to this audiobook excerpt from Wilbur Smith's novel The Triumph of the Sun, continuing the saga of the Courtney Family Adventures. From one of the world's most celebrated novelists comes an epic adventure set on the banks of the Nile in Khartoum, 1884. In the Sudan, decades of brutal misgovernment by the ruling Egyptian Khedive in Cairo precipitate a fierce and bloody rebellion and Holy War headed by a charismatic new religious leader, The Madhi or "Expected One." The British are forced to intervene

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Praise for The Triumph of the Sun

Praise for Triumph of the Sun
“Espionage, disguise, stabbings in the dark…a story that is—like the Nile itself—swift and powerful.”

'One of the world's most popular adventure writers.' – The Washington Post Book World

‘A fine storyteller ... The Triumph of the Sun is one of his very best.' – The Daily Mail,

'Only a handful of 20th century writers tantalize our senses as well as Smith. A rare author who wields a razor-sharp sword of craftsmanship.' – Tulsa World

'He paces his tale as swiftly as he can with swordplay aplenty and killing strokes that come like lightning out of a sunny blue sky.' – Kirkus Reviews

'Few novelists can write action scenes that all but leap off the page the way Smith can....'– Anniston Star, Texas

'Each time I read a new Wilbur Smith I say it is the best book I have ever read – until the next one.' – Times Record News (Wichita Falls, Texas)

'Smith is a master.' – Publisher's Weekly

'Smith is a captivating storyteller.' – Orlando Sentinel

'The world's leading adventure writer.' – The Daily Express

'Wilbur Smith rarely misses a trick.' – The Sunday Times

“Fans will not be disappointed.” – Publishers Weekly

Triumph of the Sun is everything [Smith’s] fans have come to expect: masterful storytelling and breathtaking adventure. … Chalk up another winner.” – Times Record News, Wichita Falls, TX

“Espionage, disguise, stabbings in the dark… a story that is—like the Nile itself—swift and powerful.” – Booklist

“Nobody does it better.” –Kirkus Reviews

“Wildly entertaining, compulsively readable.” –Sunday Telegraph


Praise for Wilbur Smith

“Smith is a master.” —Publishers Weekly

“One of the world’s most popular adventure writers.” —The Washington Post Book World

“A rare author who wields a razor-sharp sword of craftsmanship.” —Tulsa World

“Wilbur Smith is one of those benchmarks against whom others are compared.” —The Times (UK)      
"Best Historical Novelist--I say Wilbur Smith, with his swashbuckling novels of Africa.  The bodices of rip and the blood flows.  You can get lost in Wilbur Smith and misplace all of August."--Stephen King

"Action is Wilur Smith's game, and he is a master."--The Washington Post Book World

“The world’s leading adventure writer.” —Daily Express (UK)

"Wilbur Smith rarely misses a trick."--Sunday Times

“Smith is a captivating storyteller.” —The Orlando Sentinel

“No one does adventure quite like Smith.” —Daily Mirror (UK)

"A thundering good’ read is virtually the only way of describing Wilbur Smith’s books.” —The Irish Times

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About the Author

Wilbur Smith

Wilbur Smith is the bestselling author of many novels, each meticulously researched on his numerous expeditions worldwide. His bestselling Courtney series includes Assegai, The Sound of Thunder, Birds of Prey, Monsoon, and Blue Horizon. His other books include River God, Warlock, The Seventh Scroll, and The Sunbird. His books are now translated into twenty-six languages and have sold over 120 million copies. Smith was born to a British family in Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia, in Central Africa, and attended Rhodes University in South Africa. He has homes in Cape Town, London, Switzerland and Malta.

Wilbur Smith


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The Triumph of the Sun
Wilbur Smith

Mass Market Paperbound

Mass Market Paperbound
St. Martin's Press
St. Martin's Paperbacks
April 2006
Mass Market Paperbound
ISBN: 9780312939182
ISBN10: 0312939183
4 3/16 x 6 3/4 inches, 656 pages

Abridged Digital Audio

Abridged  Digital Audio
Macmillan Audio
May 2005
Abridged Digital Audio
ISBN: 9781593977160
ISBN10: 1593977166
Audio Run Time: 7:00

e-Book Agency

e-Book Agency
St. Martin's Press
Thomas Dunne Books
April 2007
e-Book Agency
ISBN: 9781429908948
ISBN10: 1429908947
512 pages

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