Cold Granite

Logan McRae (Volume 1)

Stuart MacBride

Minotaur Books

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After a long recuperation from a stab wound, Detective Sergeant Logan McRae’s first night back on duty in Aberdeen, Scotland, takes him to a crime scene where the body of a missing boy has been found on a riverbank. To the horror of even the most experienced cops on the job, all the details point to a ritualistic murder—a serial killer. Then twenty-four hours later, another child goes missing.

The case’s latest developments keep appearing as the next day’s headlines, leading the department to believe one of their own is leaking information. Logan is keen to catch the mole as well as the killer, but even with Police Constable Jackie Watson, assigned to help “ease” him back into the job, it seems impossible.

From the violent world of organized crime to the dark fantasies of a murderer and the naughty games cops play to stay sane, Logan is moving through the Scottish winter in search of a few hard facts. And as the rain turns to snow, as new outrages are discovered, he begins to get his answers: one victim, one deception, and one killer at a time...

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Chapter Two
It was pissing down outside. The rain battered against the blue plastic SOC tent’s walls and roof, clattering in the confined space, fighting against the constant drone of the portable generators, making conversation impossible. Not that anyone was feeling particularly chatty at a quarter past midnight on a Monday morning.
Not with David Reid lying there. On the freezing ground.
At one end of the lopsided tent a four foot stretch of ditch was cordoned off with blue police tape. Dark, greasy water glinted in the spotlights.

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Praise for Cold Granite

“[An] edge-of-your-seat page-turner [and] impressive debut...MacBride allows his characters their humanity, while weaving intriguing subplots.”—Publishers Weekly

“Macabre...MacBride's impressive first outing has plenty of atmosphere, subversive humor, and a sinuous plot reminiscent of fellow countryman Ian Rankin.”—Booklist (starred review)

“Stuart MacBride is most likely to be compared to Ian Rankin, but this unbelievably assured and accomplished police story aims even higher.”—Flint Journal

“McRae is an interesting and subtle detective, and his investigation is both inventive and imaginative.”—Dallas Morning News

“Newcomer Stuart MacBride joins an illustrious roster of Scottish crime writers…by tangling together a half-dozen competing plot lines, MacBride keeps readers off-balance, even those who think they can see the tripwires.”—Houston Chronicle

Cold Granite is never as dark and dangerous as the work of Mina and Rankin…a solid police procedural…no sooner is one crime solved than another comes up to keep you turning the pages, and through it all, the police procedural gains a warmth and camaraderie that tougher and more cynical novels lack.”—Rocky Mountain News

“Logan—a troubled man but blessedly not a suicidal booze hound like other Scots coppers of recent and current memory—does his job with skill and humanity.”—Chicago Tribune

“The book’s grim setting, plus the gallows humor, mordant introspection…draw inevitable comparisons to talented Scotsman, Ian Rankin. But MacBride has some neatly distinctive touches, not least among them hefty does of Aberdonian dialect and that wonderfully foul weather.”—Seattle Times

“MacBride’s debut is a tense police procedural/mystery set in Aberdeen, Scotland…MacBride introduces a very likeable and human protagonist whose past adventures are only hinted at in this book, leading us to hope that another McRae novel is in the works. A suspenseful and compelling mystery, this is strongly recommended.”—Library Journal (starred review)

Cold Granite is a powerful reminder that the best contemporary crime fiction is coming out of Scotland. Ferocious and funny, this is Tartan Noir at its best.”
—Val McDermid, author of The Torment of Others

“Atmosphere, dazzling, and completely compelling, Cold Granite marks the debut of an amazing new voice in crime fiction. Scotland’s Stuart MacBride is one of the best writers to come out of the UK in a long time.”—Deborah Crombie, author of In a Dark House

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About the Author

Stuart MacBride

STUART MACBRIDE lives with his wife in Aberdeen, Scotland, where he was born and raised. Dying Light is his second novel, following Cold Granite.

Stuart MacBride

Photo: Fiona MacBride


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Cold Granite
Stuart MacBride


Thriller Awards - Nominee

Mass Market Paperbound

Mass Market Paperbound
St. Martin's Press
Minotaur Books
May 2006
Mass Market Paperbound
ISBN: 9780312940591
ISBN10: 0312940599
4 3/16 x 6 3/4 inches, 480 pages

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