A Novel

The Southern Reach Trilogy (Volume 2 of 3)

Jeff VanderMeer

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After thirty years, the only human engagement with Area X—a seemingly malevolent landscape surrounded by an invisible border and mysteriously wiped clean of all signs of civilization—has been a series of expeditions overseen by a government agency so secret it has almost been forgotten: the Southern Reach. Following the tumultuous twelfth expedition chronicled in Annihilation, the agency is in complete disarray.

        John Rodrigues (aka "Control") is the Southern Reach's newly appointed head. Working with a distrustful but desperate team, a series of frustrating interrogations, a cache of hidden notes, and hours of profoundly troubling video footage, Control begins to penetrate the secrets of Area X. But with each discovery he must confront disturbing truths about himself and the agency he's pledged to serve.

        In Authority, the second volume of Jeff VanderMeer's Southern Reach trilogy, Area X's most disturbing questions are answered . . . but the answers are far from reassuring.

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In Control’s dreams it is early morning, the sky deep blue with just a twinge of light. He is staring from a cliff down into an abyss, a bay, a cove. It always changes. He can see for miles into the still water. He can see ocean behemoths gliding there, like submarines or bell-shaped orchids or the wide hulls of ships, silent, ever moving, the size of them conveying such a sense of power that he can feel the havoc of their passage even from so far above. He stares for hours at the shapes, the movements, listening to the whispers echoing up to him … and

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Praise for Authority

Authority isn’t a book that just picks up where the last one left off. Instead, it’s packed full of new pleasures, not only new characters and settings but whole new kinds of writing. If Annihilation is an expedition novel painted with a thick coat of weird, then Authority is a spy novel given the same dark lacquer . . . Which makes me desperate to know what the third book is going to be like—whether it will be some mixture of the two, Jurassic Park meets James Bond, or some third thing entirely.” —Robin Sloan, author of Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore


"The great thing about Annihilation is the strange, elusive, and paranoid world that it creates. The great thing about Authority is the way it takes the premises that we think we know about that world and turns them inside out, destabilizing everything in a way that makes it even more strange and elusive, and makes us the ones who feel paranoid. A stunning book, followed by a second stunning book that makes you rethink the first." —Brian Evenson, author of Last Days

"A clear triumph for VanderMeer, who after numerous works of genre fiction has suddenly transcended genre with a compelling, elegant and existential story of far broader appeal." —Lydia Millet, Los Angeles Times

"Unsettling and un-put-downable—like an old-fashioned adventure story, only weirder, beautifully written, and not at all old-fashioned." —Karen Joy Fowler, BookPage

"Chilling." —Julie Bosman, The New York Times

"Ingenious." —Laura Miller, Salon

"Enthralling." —Tara Wanda Merrigan, GQ

"Fans of the Lost TV series . . . this one is for you." —Molly Driscoll, The Christian Science Monitor

"[Annihilation] will make you believe in the power of science mysteries again." —Annalee Newitz, io9

"Successfully creepy." —Sara Sklaroff, The Washington Post

"Fascinating." —John Domini, Miami Herald

"[Annihilation] teases and terrifies and fascinates." —Kevin Nguyen, Grantland

"Dazzling." —Peter Straub, author of Lost Boy, Lost Girl

"Haunted and haunting." —Kelly Link, author of Magic for Beginners

"Original and beautiful, maddening and magnificent." —Warren Ellis

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The Southern Reach Trilogy
“Original and beautiful, maddening and magnificent.”—Warren Ellis
- FSG's Work in Progress

Annihilation, Annotated | Work in Progress
The tower, which was not supposed to be there, plunges into the earth in a place just before the black pine forest begins to give way to swamp and then the reeds and wind-gnarled trees of the marsh flats.
- FSG's Work in Progress

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About the Author

Jeff VanderMeer

Jeff VanderMeer is an award-winning novelist and editor. His fiction has been translated into twenty languages and has appeared in the Library of America’s American Fantastic Tales and multiple year’s-best anthologies. He grew up in the Fiji Islands and now lives in Tallahassee, Florida, with his wife.

Jeff VanderMeer


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Available Formats and Book Details

A Novel
Jeff VanderMeer

e-Book Agency

e-Book Agency
Farrar, Straus and Giroux
FSG Originals
May 2014
e-Book Agency
ISBN: 9780374710781
ISBN10: 0374710783
352 pages

Trade Paperback

Trade Paperback
Farrar, Straus and Giroux
FSG Originals
May 2014
Trade Paperback
ISBN: 9780374104108
ISBN10: 0374104107
5 x 7 1/2 inches, 352 pages