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Elizabeth Holland


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This series of themed short story collections will appeal to new readers. Easy-to-read type, engaging stories by popular authors, and appealing drawings provide just the right balance of challenge and support for young readers who are ready for the short story format.

A lively menagerie of ten animal adventures takes readers around the world on a journey to discover what happened when the crocodiles fell asleep, how the hot hippos cooled down, and how a slow and steady sloth saved the day! This fun mix of traditional tales and original stories features contributions by favorite writers such as Joyce Dunbar, Dick King-Smith, and Michael Rosen.

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Chapter One

Crocodile Tears

Joyce Dunbar

Two mother crocodiles were basking by the river, their jaws wide open in the

They were very proud crocodiles because their eggs had successfully
hatched, and in each of their mouths was a tiny baby crocodile.

But these mother crocodiles had a problem. It was time for their babies to
leave the comfortable pouch in their jaws and join the other baby crocodiles
in the swamp, but the babies just wouldn't let go. They were frightened of the
big, wide world.

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Elizabeth Holland

Elizabeth Holland


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Awesome Animal Stories
Elizabeth Holland

Trade Paperback

Trade Paperback
October 2007
Trade Paperback
ISBN: 9780753460719
ISBN10: 0753460718
7 1/2 x 5 3/10 inches, 160 pages
Age Range: 6 to 10
Grade Range: 1 to 5

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