The Next Time You Die

A Lee Henry Oswald Mystery

Lee Henry Oswald Mysteries (Volume 2)

Harry Hunsicker

Minotaur/Thomas Dunne Books

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How many ways can the past come back to haunt you? Hard-nosed Dallas detective Lee Henry Oswald is about to find out.
When a bourbon-swilling Baptist preacher hires private detective Lee Henry Oswald to recover a stolen file, Oswald figures the job for a quick and painless infusion of cash.
            But nothing comes easily in Dallas for anybody named Oswald, especially when a psychopathic hit man from out of town shows up, intent on finding the same scrap of missing paper.
            With the police after him for a murder he didn’t commit and his every move shadowed by the strange mobster, Hank Oswald gratefully accepts an extortion case in an effort to get out of town for a few days.  State Senator Eddie Black, the tree-hugging black sheep of an oil-rich East Texas family, has a problem.  Somebody wants him to change his vote on an important environmental bill.  If he refuses, Black’s long-time friend and his entire family will be killed, one by one, starting with the oldest child, the head-strong Tess McPherson.
            In the aftermath of a bloody encounter with the mobster at Tess McPherson’s apartment, Oswald finally realizes the chilling connection between the two cases: a dead man named Billy Barringer, Hank’s onetime best friend and the firstborn son of an East Texas crime boss.
            As the stakes mount, each treacherous step toward the missing file forces Oswald to confront the haunting memory of a split second decision which ultimately cost Billy Barringer his life.
            Now it looks like the dead man’s family has teamed up with the new player in town, and everybody’s got Oswald in their cross hairs.  As the clock ticks down to a startling climax, Oswald races across the mean streets of Dallas to find the missing file and the secret it holds.
            Once the file is found, the explosive discovery forces a dangerous decision, one full of hard choices Oswald thought had been left long ago in his murky past.

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Harry Hunsicker

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Chapter One 
Billy Barringer snapped the guard’s neck as if it were a piece of rotten firewood. The noise echoed against the cinder-block walls and tin roof of the maintenance shed. The dead man dropped to the floor and was completely still, the front of his khaki pants darkened with urine.
One down. One to go.
A small-framed man named Charity stood just inside the doorway, wearing regulation prison whites that matched Billy’s clothing. Charity gulped several times and stared at the body crumpled on the floor.
Billy snapped his fingers and pointed

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Praise for The Next Time You Die

"Hunsicker has a wonderfully ironic sense of Dallas society and an even funnier take on those pretensions...amid such humor, Mr. Hunsicker creates a fine cast of supporting characters... [The Next Time You Die] manages to delight." -- The Dallas Morning News
"This novel offers arresting descriptions of Dallas' many mean streets; complex, interesting characters; and a relentless narrative drive. Compelling reading from a new name in noir." -- Booklist
"Hunsicker's second detective caper featuring hard-luck investigator Lee Henry Oswald should earn Dallas a colored pushpin on the wisecraking-gumshoe map." -- Texas Monthly
"The Next Time You Die is a worthy follow-up to Still River, perfect beach reading...enjoyable...good stuff." --D Magazine
"What do you call a boozehound preacher, a southern-fried hitman, half a dozen rattlesnakes and the redneck mafia? Business as usual for Dallas PI Lee Henry Oswald. If you take your detective novels straight up with a Tabasco chaser, order the Harry Hunsicker." --Sean Doolittle, author of Burn and Rain Dogs

 "How does one describe P.I. Lee Henry Oswald? Sam Spade with a Texas twang? Mike Hammer with spurs? Nope, none of that's good enough. If you like tough-talking, hard-as-nails private eyes, then don't miss Harry Hunsicker's The Next Time You Die. Buy this book right now, or I'll spit warm gin in your eye."
--Victor Gischler, author of Gun Monkeys and Shotgun Opera

 "This is the most fun you'll having reading a mystery this year. With The Next Time You Die, Hunsicker has proved he's the heir apparent to Robert B. Parker. The action never lets up, the characters are the most likeable the genre has to offer, and the one liners will make you laugh out loud. What a wonderful book. Buy it, you'll love it."
--J. A. Konrath, author of the Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels Mysteries

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About the Author

Harry Hunsicker

Harry Hunsicker is a graduate of Baylor University and has lived in Dallas most of his life. When he's not writing the next Lee Henry Oswald mystery, he's a real estate appraiser. This is his second novel.

Harry Hunsicker


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The Next Time You Die
A Lee Henry Oswald Mystery
Harry Hunsicker

e-Book Agency

e-Book Agency
St. Martin's Press
Minotaur/Thomas Dunne Books
April 2007
e-Book Agency
ISBN: 9781429905688
ISBN10: 1429905689
304 pages

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