Club George

The Diary of a Central Park Bird-Watcher

Bob Levy

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Club George is a witty tale about one man's adventures with George, a particularly charismatic Red-winged Blackbird. Wryly humorous and brimming with affection for birds in general and George in particular, this book combines solid natural science with stylish prose and endearing photographs. The cast of characters includes creatures of all kinds, both human and not, and supporting roles are played by Pale Male and Lola, the famous Red-tailed Hawks whose nest was unceremoniously removed from their fancy Fifth Avenue building to a worldwide furor of protest.

Both useful and entertaining, Club George covers everything from how to buy binoculars to fascinating trivia about New York's most famous park. This amusing gem will be welcomed by book-buying bird-watchers, Central Park enthusiasts, and armchair nature lovers everywhere.

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Chapter One 
Welcome to the Club
The second of June was a cozily warm, gloriously sunny, summer New York City Sunday. It was the kind of day when the brilliant sunlight makes the scrawniest trees and sootiest buildings glisten. Even the gloomiest people seem to glow. Somehow the intense light brings out the beauty in the natural and unnatural worlds when logic says it should throw a spotlight on their faults.
I was in one of the best possible places to enjoy such a day in the Big Apple. In Central Park I stood on a wooden dock that juts out into a small hourglass

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Praise for Club George

"Club George is proof that a bird can inspire your life--even in New York City!"
- E. J. McAdams, executive director of New York City Audubon Society
"Charming and intimate . . . as much about the habits of people as it is about birds. Both can be gregarious, and worth watching."
- The New York Times
"A good read and a great source of avian lore that should appeal to the fast-growing crowd of bird-watchers across the nation. That all this takes place in Central Park in the middle of Manhattan should be cause for beginning bird-watchers everywhere to take heart. As the saying goes: If you can do it in New York, you can do it anywhere. Levy shows the reader how."
- Hope Ryden, author of America's Last Wild Horses
"With an articulate, introspective sensibility...Club George manages to evoke the existential optimism that birds inject into the life of anyone willing to open his or her soul to their dauntless, essential lightness of being."
- The Washington Post
"Now we know there is more than sex in the city--there are birds! A fun romp."
- Bernd Heinrich, author of The Geese of Beaver Bog
"The author of Club George has a seemingly insatiable appetite for close encounters with wildlife of all kinds, coupled with a commendable skill in recounting not only animal behavior, but also his personal reactions and reflections."
- Robert W. Nero, author of Redwings
"Club George is not just a charming, playful, and very personal account of the development of a birder--it is much more. I enjoyed reading it very much, and I am proud of my honorary membership in Club George."
- Ken Yasukawa, coauthor of Red-winged Blackbird (The Birds of North America series)

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About the Author

Bob Levy

BOB LEVY began watching birds when he was seeking solace during a period of involuntary unemployment. Not in the best of moods, he found his spirits lifting after he befriended the Red-winged Blackbird we now know as George. Bob lives in New York City. So does George.

Bob Levy


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Club George
The Diary of a Central Park Bird-Watcher
Bob Levy

e-Book Agency

e-Book Agency
St. Martin's Press
Thomas Dunne Books
March 2006
e-Book Agency
ISBN: 9781429906500
ISBN10: 1429906502
384 pages

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