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Poems Inspired by the Daily Grind

James Rogauskas

St. Martin's Griffin/Thomas Dunne Books

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Poems! About your office!

We work hard at our jobs, and in return we are frequently plagued by bad coffee, strange smells, paper cuts, other people, and, at least once a week, Mondays. So what better way to tackle the absurdities of the modern workplace--to get a little peace!--than with Zen poetry? In the first poetry collection to do just that, Office Haiku contains witty haiku divided into chapters including “Monday Mornings Suck,” “Paper Cuts, Office Equipment, and Other Maladies,” “Existential Malaise,” “Departmental Meetings,” and, of course, “Anywhere But Here.”

Informed by a lifetime of work, James Rogauskas’s haiku speak for themselves (and everyone else):

Sitting at my desk
As proudly as any serf
On his scrap of dirt.

“This has to go out”?
And I was waiting for desk
Fairies to type it.

I sit wondering;
Can someone die of boredom?
Only time will tell.

If I could read minds,
I would certainly have a
Better job than this
“I thought I knew all the reasons to hate cubicle life, but James Rogauskas have given me a pork barrel full of laughs to ease my deary Monday mornings. This book should be required reading for all corporate managers!”--Mary K Witte, author of Redneck Haiku: Double-Wide Edition

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You Too Can Haiku
You too can haiku—
It’s simply the syllables
All printed to fit.
First, five syllables
Line two—seven syllables
Five more, and you’re done.
Why write haiku?
Haiku may be an ancient Japanese poetry form, but it’s the perfect poetry form for a society conditioned to pay attention to nothing longer than a fifteen- or thirty-second commercial spot. With practice, you can compose a haiku in that amount of time.
Haiku also teaches mental discipline.

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About the Author

James Rogauskas

James Rogauskas has worked since he was fourteen in jobs ranging from demolition to sewer cleaning to medical publishing. Although the author has no traditional credentials, his poems suggest that other prisoners of the cube farm too can break free. Visit his Web site at

James Rogauskas


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Office Haiku
Poems Inspired by the Daily Grind
James Rogauskas

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e-Book Agency
St. Martin's Press
St. Martin's Griffin/Thomas Dunne Books
April 2007
e-Book Agency
ISBN: 9781429908405
ISBN10: 1429908408
128 pages

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