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Chris Stewart

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Along the Afghanistan border, a CIA agent meets secretly with a distraught Arab girl. She passes him a coded message before killing herself. But before the message can be deciphered, the world spins toward war: Within hours, the president of Pakistan is assassinated, and the country's nuclear warheads go missing. Al Qaeda streams into northern Pakistan. Israel puts her combat forces on hair-trigger alert.
CIA paramilitary agent Peter Zembeic is given the impossible task of finding and destroying the missing warheads. Working with his best friend, a B-2 pilot, they develop a desperate plan to save the world from the threat of nuclear terror.

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Chapter One

Eastern Dasht-e Lut Desert, Iran
Eleven Kilometers from the Afghanistan Border
The meeting took place on the edge of a high mountain desert, miles from humanity, but near the center of Asia. The terrible mountains of Turkmenistan lie not far to the north. The unmarked wasteland of the Afghanistan border was just to the east. It was a harsh land, foreboding, majestic, and severe, with no well-established borders to belabor the travel of beasts or men. Hidden under the desert were a thousand years worth of battle relics from the past—arrowheads,

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Praise for The Fourth War

"Red-hot intrigue and combat action from a talented young writer."
--Stephen Coonts
"The Fourth War is a masterpiece, one that sets new techno-thriller standards. Chris Stewart’s literary torque wrench cranks up the tension to an unbearable point in this stark tale of the war on terror. The Fourth War is more than a page turner, it’s a mind blower as he tosses twists, turns and surprises on every page. Bound to be a movie!” --Walter Boyne

For Chris Stewart's earlier books:
"Better than Tom Clancy." --Douglas Preston
"A splendid thriller. The aerial action scenes are outstanding." --W. E. B. Griffin
"Full throttle...laced with intrigue." --Eric Harry, author of Arc Light

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Chris Stewart

CHRIS STEWART is a former USAF pilot once assigned to fly the SR-71 Blackbird and B-1 bomber. He is the author of three other acclaimed thrillers, Shattered Bone, The Kill Box, and The Third Consequence. He lives in Farmington, Utah.

Chris Stewart


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The Fourth War
Chris Stewart

e-Book Agency

e-Book Agency
St. Martin's Press
Thomas Dunne Books
April 2007
e-Book Agency
ISBN: 9781429909259
ISBN10: 1429909250
400 pages

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