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Old Man's War

John Scalzi

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Retired from his fighting days, John Perry is now village ombudsman for a human colony on distant Huckleberry. With his wife, former Special Forces warrior Jane Sagan, he farms several acres, adjudicates local disputes, and enjoys watching his adopted daughter grow up.

That is, until his and Jane's past reaches out to bring them back into the game--as leaders of a new human colony, to be peopled by settlers from all the major human worlds, for a deep political purpose that will put Perry and Sagan back in the thick of interstellar politics, betrayal, and war.

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Chapter One

Let me tell you of the worlds I’ve left behind.

Earth you know; everyone knows it. It’s the birthplace of humanity, although at this point not many consider it our “home” planet—Phoenix has had that job since the Colonial Union was created and became the guiding force for expanding and protecting our race in the universe. But you never forget where you come from.

Being from Earth in this universe is like being a small-town kid who gets on the bus, goes to the big city and spends his entire afternoon gawking at all the tall buildings.

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John Scalzi discusses his book, The Last Colony

Author interview with John Scalzi on his science fiction novel The Last Colony, the sequel to Old Man's War.

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Authors@Google Presents: John Scalzi

Author John Scalzi discusses The Last Colony as part of the Authors@Google series. This event took place on April 27, 2007 at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, CA.

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John Scalzi on his book The Last Colony

"Hear author John Scalzi talk about his science fiction novel The Last Colony. In this audio recorded author interview, Scalzi talks to Tor publicist Dot Lin on The Last Colony, the perils of a madcap book tour, and his hotly anticipated next book! Learn more about the SF book The Last Colony at Read more about author John Scalzi at"

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Praise for The Last Colony

"The sequel to Old Man's War combines taut military action with keen insights into the moral issues revolving around developing technologies. Scalzi has a finely tuned sense of balance between personal drama and the 'big picture' ... Highly recommended."
--Library Journal (starred review) on The Ghost Brigades
"A mix of Starship Troopers and Universal Soldier, Ghost evokes awakening, betrayal, and combat in the best military sci-fi tradition."
--Entertainment Weekly on The Ghost Brigades
“An impressive piece of work." -- Philadelphia Inquirer on The Ghost Brigades
"Fast and deep…I like the galaxy this author's playing in, the characters he limns, the situations he's playing with, and I'm glad there's at least one more volume on the way."
-- San Diego Union-Tribune on The Ghost Brigades
"In Heinleinesque fashion, the book is loaded with scenes of comradeship, isolation, ruthlessness and the protocols, which govern the lives of active-duty soldiers. But this is where Scalzi, famous for his blog ‘The Whatever,’ surpasses Heinlein. Scalzi weaves in subtle discussions of humanity's growing fear of aging and our simultaneous attraction and repulsion to the Frankensteinlike creatures we are able to create." -- San Antonio Express-News on The Ghost Brigades
"Scalzi is a natural heir to Heinlein, and his second book in this series is a good old-fashioned space opera, which takes time to question the nature of free will."
-- St. Louis Press-Dispatch on The Ghost Brigades
"Astonishingly proficient."
--Publishers Weekly (starred review) on Old Man’s War
"Top-notch. His combat scenes are blood-roiling. His dialogue is suitably snappy and profane. And the moral and philosophical issues he raises... insert useful ethical burrs under the military saddle of the story."
--The Washington Post on Old Man’s War
"Smartly conceived and thoroughly entertaining, Old Man's War is a splendid novel."
--Cleveland Plain-Dealer

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About the Author

John Scalzi

John Scalzi won the 2006 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, and his debut novel Old Man’s War was a finalist for science fiction’s Hugo Award. His other books include The Ghost Brigades and The Android’s Dream. He has won the Hugo Award, the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award for science-fiction, the Seiun, The Kurd Lasswitz and the Geffen awards. His weblog, Whatever, is one of the most widely-read web sites in modern SF. Born and raised in California, Scalzi studied at the University of Chicago. He lives in southern Ohio with his wife and daughter.

John Scalzi


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The Last Colony
John Scalzi


Hugo Award - Nominee

e-Book Agency

e-Book Agency
Tom Doherty Associates
Tor Books
April 2007
e-Book Agency
ISBN: 9781429933780
ISBN10: 142993378X
5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 320 pages

Unabridged Digital Audio

Unabridged  Digital Audio
Macmillan Audio
October 2008
Unabridged Digital Audio
ISBN: 9781427206435
ISBN10: 1427206430
Audio Run Time: 9:30

Mass Market Paperbound

Mass Market Paperbound
Tom Doherty Associates
Tor Science Fiction
July 2008
Mass Market Paperbound
ISBN: 9780765356185
ISBN10: 076535618X
4 3/16 x 6 3/4 inches, 336 pages

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