The Satanic Nurses

And Other Literary Parodies

J.B. Miller

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In J.B. Miller's alternative literary universe, Virginia Woolf has a crush on William Powell, Norman Mailer provides "The Rules" for dating, Bridget Jones writes "The Diary of Anais Nin," and J.D. Salinger sends letters to young starlets inviting them to audition for the movie of "Franny."

Dave Eggers gives us "A Backbreaking Work of Incredible Thinness," Philip Roth gets into a fight with Nathan Zuckerman, E. Annie Proulx is guilty of "Vocabulary Crimes," and we read the missing transcript of Jonathan Franzen on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

We visit Frank McCourt's disturbing childhood in "Angela's Eyelashes," we learn from David Mamet "How It Is To Write," and go "Trainspitting" with Irvine Welsh. Toni Morrison gets "Belabored," P.G. Wodehouse admits that "She's a Right Ho, Jeeves," Mary McCarthy foils Lillian Hellman's attempted assassination of Hitler, David Foster Wallace proves an "Infinite Pest," notes are found for J.R.R. Tolkein's abandoned opus, "The Lord of the Strings," and polar explorer Ernest Shackleton gets lost on the London bus system.

These are just some of the forty-four witty and outrageously funny pieces that comprise The Satanic Nurses, a satiric anthology of counterfeit lit.

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Satanic Nurses, The
This story, which I found behind a filing cabinet in a maintenance closet at Esquire magazine, is believed to be Hemingway's last unpublished work. It concerns an ill-fated safari the author took to the African Congo in November 1957, when he was thought to be in the middle of a five-day drunk at the Ritz Hotel in Paris. I have left the text exactly as Hemingway wrote it, except for occasional routine corrections of spelling, grammar, punctuation, structure, and narrative.

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Praise for The Satanic Nurses

"Bookworms can squirm with pleasure as J.B. Miller skewers and roasts to perfection several darlings of the literary establishment." --Boston Herald (2/2/03)

"Merciless (and very funny) . . . irreverent and entertaining." --The Tennessean

"Casting aside all caution, this review hereby pronounces this book a necessity for every person who fancies madcap humor. Miller offers some of the most adroit and exhilarating, not to mention irreverent, parody since Max Beerbohm, and that is high praise indeed. . . . You will laugh outright. . . . Miller is unbeatable." --Library Journal

"J.B. Miller has brilliantly eviscerated many of my dear, friends, both living and dead. This will be his last book. I'll make sure of it." -Neal Pollack, author of The Neal Pollack Anthology of American Literature

"The hilarious and dead-on parodies contained within this appalling little volume succeed both as satire and as homage; they're a kiss AND a slap. Great fun." -Henry Alford, author of Big Kiss and Out There

"I knew that Nabokov was a horny bastard. I just didn't remember him being so funny."
-Mo Rocca, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

“Evident in these pieces is [Miller’s] acerbic wit.” --San Francisco Chronicle

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About the Author

J.B. Miller

J.B. Miller is the author of a novel, as well as several plays and screenplays, has written for the New York Times and, and once thought he saw W.H. Auden outside the firehouse on West Third Street. But it turned out to be someone else.

J. B. Miller


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The Satanic Nurses
And Other Literary Parodies
J.B. Miller

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e-Book Agency
St. Martin's Press
Thomas Dunne Books
January 2003
e-Book Agency
ISBN: 9781429977982
ISBN10: 1429977981
208 pages

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