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One of America's greatest Western storytellers, Elmer Kelton has been voted the greatest Western writers of all time by the Western Writers of America. Dark Thicket is one of his many classic tales of the history of his home state of Texas.

Young Owen Danforth rides home to Texas as a wounded Confederate soldier, at a time when his home state is as savagely divided as his nation. As a grievously wounded America staggers toward the inevitable end of the Civil War, secessionist "home guards" and staunch Union loyalists fight their own bloody battles on a more local scale. For Owen, sick to death of fighting and yearning for peace and recuperation, his homecoming is bittersweet. And when his blood ties force him to choose a side in an unwinnable conflict, Owen begins to wonder if he will ever see peace in Texas again.

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Chapter 1
The war against the Union lay five weeks behind him, and he had crossed the Sabine out of Louisiana four days ago. Owen Danforth was beginning to feel at last that he was truly back in Texas. Here, until he decided he was ready to return, the war would not touch him.
Until he was ready…A dull throbbing brought his right hand up to grip his tightly bandaged left arm. Not all the fever had left it. He wondered if he would ever be ready to go back.
Late in the morning he had broken out of the close and confining piney woods.

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Praise for Dark Thicket

"One of the best of a new breed of Western writers who have driven the genre into new territory."--The New York Times

"The greatest Western writer of all time."--Western Writers of America, Inc.

"Recently voted the 'greatest Western writer of all time' by the Western Writers of America, Kelton creates characters more complex than L'Amour's."--Kirkus Reviews

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About the Author

Elmer Kelton

Elmer Kelton, author of more than forty novels, grew up on a ranch near Crane, Texas, and earned a journalism degree from the University of Texas. His first novel, Hot Iron, was published in 1956. For forty-two years he had a parallel career in agricultural journalism.

Among his awards have been seven Spurs from Western Writers of America and four Western Heritage awards from the National Cowboy Hall of Fame. Among his best-known works have been The Time It Never Rained and The Good Old Boys, the latter made into a television film starring Tommy Lee Jones.

He served in the infantry in World War II. He and his wife, Ann, a native of Austria, live in San Angelo, Texas. They have three children, four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Elmer Kelton

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Dark Thicket
Elmer Kelton

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e-Book Agency
Tom Doherty Associates
Forge Books
April 2011
e-Book Agency
ISBN: 9781429978392
ISBN10: 1429978392
192 pages

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