To My Husband with Love

Allen Appel

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With a mix of humorous and heartfelt lines, this is a celebration of the warm, funny, and inspiring moments in your relationship; a chance to stop and give thanks for the things that make your life together so special ...

Thanks for

Asking for my opinion

Being my knight in shining armor, even if the armor needs polishing every once in a while

Letting me have the bigger closet

Having poetry in your soul, if not exactly on your lips

Thinking that I'm beautiful

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To My Husband With Love
Thanks, Dear, for ...Noticing me. 
Asking me out.Asking me out again. 
Choosing me over all the other girls you could have had.Wanting to be with me. 
Wanting to stay with me. 
Luring me with your siren song.Pursuing me.Persevering, even though my father was against it.Being handy.Being willing to try many home repairs, even though things don't always work out. I'll love you anyway, even if you have to call in a professional. 

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About the Author

Allen Appel

Allen Appel is the author of Thanks, Dad; Thanks, Mom; From Father to Son; and Old Dog's Guide for Pups. He lives in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, with his wife, Sherry Conway Appel, and their children.

Allen Appel


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To My Husband with Love
Allen Appel

e-Book Agency

e-Book Agency
St. Martin's Press
January 2002
e-Book Agency
ISBN: 9781466819443
ISBN10: 1466819448
96 pages, Includes line drawings throughout

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