Moon of Bitter Cold

Frederick J. Chiaventone, Jr.

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By the summer of 1866, America was a changed nation. The Civil War has ended, and the West was calling as a place where the fresh wounds of a nation divided could heal. Many set out to heed that call and explore the land that the terrible war had not touched. Amid the beauty of the region, they found its native inhabitants-and a bloody collision of two cultures.

To the Lakota people, the white man-the wasichus-appeared first as a curiosity but soon turned into a plague. Frustrated and powerless, the proud Lakota Sioux war leader Red Cloud watched helplessly as the wasichus became as plentiful as the grass on the fields, draining the land of its resources, and introducing metal guns and knives, along with the water that makes men crazy. Red Cloud knows that if something is not done soon, there will be no land for his infant son to call his own.

To some he was controversial, to others he was charismatic, but in an unprecedented act, Red Cloud unites the Sioux with the Cheyenne, Arapho and Crow, assembling over three-thousand warriors in what will go down in history as "Red Clouds War." It was an act that would never be equaled, as the Indians defeat the white man in battle after battle, finally bring the U.S. government to the bargaining table, where they sue for peace.

Told with stunning humanity, Fred Chiaventone makes these historical figures, on both sides, living, real people. Combining vivid historical panorama with gritty and realistic drama. He has created a major narrative about a critical period and the pivotal figures on a frontier that won't know peace for decades.

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(Moon When The Eyes Are Sore)
March 1866
He is called Waziya and every year he comes from beyond the Grandmother’s country, out of the land of the spirits. Cruel and frigid in his thick robes of buffalo fur, he sends his breath soaring over the Dakotas’ granite peaks, down through the close-set pines and out onto the endless prairies beyond. Where Waziya walks he leaves in his wake an icy blanket of white silence. A powerful spirit, his breath is the north wind, which freezes and kills.

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About the Author

Frederick J. Chiaventone, Jr.

Frederick J. Chiaventone is a novelist, screenwriter, military historian, consultant, retired cavalry officer and Professor Emeritus for International Security Affairs at the U.S. Army's Command and General Staff College. With his vast experience in the field he has become an internationally recognized expert on guerrilla warfare, counter-terrorism, peacekeeping operations, and broadcast media.

Chiaventone also holds a Masters Degree in Film and Television Production from San Francisco State University and has written, produced and directed documentaries and news programming for the Department of Defense.

Chiaventone's novel, A Road We Do Not Know: A Novel of Custer at the Little Bighorn was published to rave critical reviews, won the 1999 William E. Colby Literary Award. His newest novel in the Lakota Trilogy, Moon of Bitter Cold (Forge) has just hit book stores world-wide.

In 1997 Chiaventone was inducted into the elite Colby Circle - a group of writers recognized for their contributions to public understanding of military and political affairs.

Frederick J. Chiaventone


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Moon of Bitter Cold
Frederick J. Chiaventone, Jr.


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Forge Books
June 2003
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ISBN: 9781466833968
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400 pages

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