The Cockatrice Boys

Joan Aiken; Illustrations by Gris Grimly


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What does a cockatrice enjoy most for dinner? Anyone it can find.

So the alarmed inhabitants of England discover when a plague of monsters-known as cockatrices-invade their country and begin gobbling them up. They must be stopped! A plucky band of survivors dubbed the Cockatrice Corps- including youngsters Dakin and Sauna-decide to fight back. But how?

A rollicking adventure filled with breathtaking twists and turns, The Cockatrice Boys is Joan Aiken at her comic best.

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Chapter one
Nobody seemed to know where the dreadful things came from. Some people said one thing, some said another.
But experts mostly agree as to the day when the evil invasion of the British Isles first began.
It was on a wretched rainy Sunday in the month of September. Recently the winters had all been bitterly cold and snowy, while the summers were shorter and windier and wetter. On this September Sunday people were coming home from their holidays, flying in from Sardinia and Spain and Sicily. For most of them, wherever they had been, the weather was so nasty

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Praise for The Cockatrice Boys

"Readers will be reminded of Alice in Wonderland. . .and the movie trilogy Star Wars."--School Library Journal

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About the Author

Joan Aiken; Illustrations by Gris Grimly

Joan Aiken is the award-winning author of over a hundred books for children and adults, including The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, The Whispering Mountain, The Shadow Guests, and A Necklace of Raindrops and Other Stories. She lives in Sussex, England.

Joan Aiken
Gris Grimly


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The Cockatrice Boys
Joan Aiken; Illustrations by Gris Grimly


NYPL Books for the Teen Age

e-Book Agency

e-Book Agency
Tom Doherty Associates
February 2014
e-Book Agency
ISBN: 9781466865099
ISBN10: 1466865091
Middle-Grade Fiction224 pages, Black-and-white illustrations throughout
Age Range: 10 to 18
Grade Range: 5 and up

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