The Messiah of Morris Avenue

A Novel

Tony Hendra; Read by John Bedford Lloyd

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Tony Hendra’s Father Joe became a new classic of faith and spirituality— even for those not usually so inclined. Now he’s back with a novel set in a very reverent future where Church and State always walk hand-in-hand. Fade in as Johnny Greco— a fallen journalist, who nurses a few grudges along with his cocktails, stumbles onto a story that intrigues him. It seems a young man named Jay is driving about New Jersey in a beat-up van preaching radical notions like kindness and generosity—and even tossing off a few miracles.

How better, Johnny schemes, to stick it to Reverend Sabbath (America’s #1 Holy Warrior) than to write a headline-making story announcing Jay as the Second Coming? Then something strange happens. Died-in-the-wool skeptic Johnny actually finds his own life being transformed by the new messiah.

Hilarious and genuinely moving, The Messiah of Morris Avenue brings to life a savior who reminds the world of what Jesus actually taught and wittingly skewers all sorts of sanctimoniousness on both sides of the political spectrum. Writing with heart, a sharp eye, and a passionate frustration with those who feel they hold a monopoly on God, Tony Hendra has created a delightful story that reminds us of the unfailing power of genuine faith.

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The Messiah of Morris Avenue by Tony Hendra--Audiobook Excerpt

Listen to this audiobook excerpt from Tony Hendra's novel The Messiah of Morris Avenue. The acclaimed satirist and bestselling author of Father Joe poses the question, would we recognize the messiah if he appeared today? In the not so distant future, the tide of righteousness--in the form of executions, barking evangelists, tank-like SUVs, and a movie industry run entirely by the Christian right--has swept the nation.

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Praise for The Messiah of Morris Avenue

Praise for Father Joe:
“Extraordinay, luminescent, profound.... I beg you to read this book....we need Father Joe now.” —Andrew Sullivan, The New York Times Book Review

Father Joe is a many-layered memoir of a God-driven Englishman.... I could easiley have read the whole book in one sitting, but it’s too rich, too powerful.... Like me, you might cherish this book so much you'll keep it on the shelf besides Saint Augustine, Saint Teresa of Avila, and Thomas Merton.” —Frank McCourt

“I picked up Father Joe intending to read just a couple of pages and found that I couldn’t put it down until I’d finished it. The nature of a wise man, and the true nature of what wisdom feels like in action, are beautifully captured... The book’s last episode brought unexpected tears to my weary eyes.” —Adam Gopnik

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About the Author

Tony Hendra; Read by John Bedford Lloyd

Tony Hendra attended Cambridge University, where he performed frequently with friends and future Monty Pythons John Cleese and Graham Chapman. He was editor in chief of Spy, an original editor of National Lampoon, and he played Ian Faith in This Is Spinal Tap. He has written frequently for New York, Harper’s, GQ, Vanity Fair, Men’s Journal, and Esquire. Father Joe was a New York Times bestseller. He lives in New York.

Tony Hendra
John Bedford Lloyd


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The Messiah of Morris Avenue
A Novel
Tony Hendra; Read by John Bedford Lloyd

Unabridged Digital Audio

Unabridged  Digital Audio
Macmillan Audio
April 2006
Unabridged Digital Audio
ISBN: 9781593979195
ISBN10: 1593979193
Audio Run Time: 7:30

Trade Paperback

Trade Paperback
March 2007
Trade Paperback
ISBN: 9780312425395
ISBN10: 0312425392
5 1/2 x 8 1/4 inches, 256 pages

e-Book Agency

e-Book Agency
Henry Holt and Co.
April 2007
e-Book Agency
ISBN: 9781429900478
ISBN10: 1429900474
256 pages

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