The Anatomy of Addiction

Overcoming the Triggers That Stand in the Way of Recovery

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The relapse rate for addicts in conventional treatment programs is a shocking 70-90%, despite the best efforts of family members, doctors, and the addicts themselves. Drawing on the latest addiction research, Creative Care founders Morteza and Karen Khaleghi argue that the reason so many addicts fail to make headway is because, too often, they focus on the addiction only, and not the many factors that contribute to it.

Readers will learn how to:

* recognize what people and situations drive their addiction

* peel back the layers of their life to understand the roots of helplessness and dependency

* rewrite family dynamics and end the cycle of addiction.

This is an eye-opening look for addicts and family members that will show them how to discover the heart of problem, and overcome it.


Praise for The Anatomy of Addiction

"Dr. Morteza Khaleghi is one of America's leading experts on addiction and a beacon of hope to addicts everywhere. A trusted advisor on the Dr. Phil Show, he has successfully helped countless individuals quit drugs and alcohol by confronting the underlying emotional issues as well as tackling the addiction itself.”—Dr. Phil McGraw

Anatomy of Addiction is a resource for those willing to go to any lengths to maintain their recovery.  For those of us who know what is possible in recovery and understand our responsibility to continue our care, this book is a necessity."--Christopher Kennedy Lawford, author of Symptoms of Withdrawl

"It is rare that a book can successfully create a tone that is supportive while also being informative, friendly while also being directive, and engaging while also being based on sound research.  Drs. Morteza and Karen Khaleghi accomplish just this in The Anatomy of Addiction. If you are new to recovery, this book will give you direction.  If you have struggled with relapse, this book is, quite simply, a must read."--Lee Jampolsky, Ph.D., author of Healing the Addictive Personality and Smile for No Good Reason

"Morteza and Karen Khaleghi convincingly demonstrate how psychological issues like depression and trauma can cause relapse. More importantly, they show how to address these issues effectively. Their decades of experience come through brilliantly in this important book."--Jeff Jay, coauthor of Love First: A Family Guide to Intervention

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  • Morteza Khalegi, PhDand Karen Khaleghi, PhD are the founders and co-owners of Creative Care, each with over twenty years of experience treating addiction. They have appeared on Dr. Phil as well as NPR, WBUR, and CNN radio. They live in Malibu, CA.



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The Anatomy of Addiction

Overcoming the Triggers That Stand in the Way of Recovery