Julius Caesar: Lessons in Leadership from the Great Conqueror

World Generals Series

Bill Yenne and Foreword by Wesley K. Clark

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No ancient ruler inspired more legends than Julius Caesar. Under his leadership, Rome conquered territory throughout Europe and the Mediterranean, reaching the North Sea and conducting the first Roman invasion of Great Britain. His tactical acumen and intuitive understanding of how armies work birthed a military structure that allowed Roman generals to expand the boundaries of the empire for generations, and his vision of a unified Europe inspired military leaders for hundreds of years. Yet, in addition to his commanding leadership of Roman troops, Caesar was also a gifted orator and skilled politician who successfully maneuvered within the most complex and well-established bureaucratic system in the world. In this fast-paced look at one of the greatest generals the world has ever seen, acclaimed author Bill Yenne charts the major events that shaped Caesar’s leadership, his rise to power, and his crashing fall.


Praise for Julius Caesar: Lessons in Leadership from the Great Conqueror

“Mr. Yenne is excellent at describing Caesar in battle, mingling tactics and strategy with the smells and sounds of war.”--The Wall Street Journal

"Yenne provides a dramatic and insightful look at Julius Caesar's military campaigns and offers important lessons any modern leader could learn from."--Philip Freeman, author of Julius Caesar
“A fascinating portrait of a complex and often elusive figure. We are often told that a historical figure is ‘great’ or ‘brilliant’, without being told the much more important why. Yenne skillfully brings Caesar to life and in the process shows why his immense reputation is both warranted and still relevant after two thousand years.”—Lars Brownworth, author of Lost to the West
“In the Pantheon of great battlefield leaders there is Julius Caesar, then all the others. The strategic and tactical genius of the Roman commander was the inspiration for leaders such as Napoleon, Patton and others through the centuries. Caesar’s leadership and ability to motivate troops in battle is perhaps unparalleled in the annals of military history. Bill Yenne has scored yet another military victory in this biography of the Roman leader. Fast-paced and meticulously researched, Yenne expertly weaves a story of courage, skill, and tenacity. Such traits helped Caesar conquer the world and Yenne tells it all. A superb book and a must read for those who enjoy the study of military history.”--Brian Sobel, author of The Fighting Pattons

Bill Yenne's vivid historical descriptions and keen insights on leadership explain why Rome's greatest conquering hero continues to fascinate and guide military commanders today. Caesar's bold strategies, tactical pragmatism, ambition, charisma, and self- reflection as a general and a military historian--all come to life in these pages.--Adrienne Mayor, author of The Poison King: The Life and Legend of Mithradates, Rome's Deadliest Enemy
Praise for Sitting Bull:
"Stirring . . . Yenne captures the extraordinary life of Sitting Bull while providing new insight . . . In this remarkable, tragic portrait, Sitting Bull emerges as a thoughtful, passionate and very human figure."--Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)
"Excels as a study in leadership."--The New Yorker
Praise for Indian Wars:
"Splendid . . . a book that has the rare quality of being both an excellent reference work and a pleasure to read." --The Wall Street Journal

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  • Bill Yenne and Foreword by Wesley K. Clark

  • Bill Yenne is the author of over three dozen books on historical topics, including several military biographies. Among the latter is Alexander the Great: Lessons from History’s Undefeated General in Palgrave’s Great Generals Series. The New Yorker wrote of Sitting Bull, his biography of the great Lakota leader, that it “excels as a study in leadership.” This book was named to the number 14 spot among Amazon’s 100 Best Books of the Year. Among Mr. Yenne’s other works is his dual biography of Dick Bong and Tommy McGuire, entitled Aces High: The Heroic Story of the Two Top-Scoring American Aces of World War II, which pilot and best-selling author Dan Roam calls “The greatest flying story of all time.”

                Bill Yenne has been involved in several History Channel programs, and appeared recently in a National Geographic Channel program on Alexander the Great. He has lived for many years with his wife and family in San Francisco, and he can be found on the web at www.BillYenne.com.

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