Free from Addiction

Facing Yourself and Embracing Recovery

Morteza Khaleghi, Ph.D. with Constance Loizos

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Offering a radical new approach, clinical psychologist Dr. Morteza Khaleghi argues that the vast majority of drug and alcohol addiction is driven by an emotional trauma. A pioneer of the dual diagnosis recovery program, he treats the body for chemical dependency while simultaneously ministering to the emotional block that serves as a trigger for relapse. A regular advisor on the Dr. Phil show, Dr. Khaleghi has mapped out recovery plans for thousands of patients and their families.  Well-known facilities such as Hazelden, Sierra Tucson, and the Betty Ford Center refer their toughest cases to him, looking to his vast experience and high rate of success. In this groundbreaking book, he teaches you the methods that have made him the therapist that other therapists turn to for advice.

Families will learn how to

•           Recognize addictive behavior

•           Plan and stage effective interventions

•           Work on the family dynamics that enable addiction

Patients will learn to

•           Become self aware about addictive behavior

•           Identify the emotional trauma that is at the heart of nearly every addiction

•           Detect early signs of relapse and take preemptive measures

Drawing on over 20 years of experience healing patients, Dr. Khaleghi’s insightful, nurturing and— above all—breakthrough book is geared to anyone looking for help with dependency and to the spouses, parents, children, and friends who bear the brunt of this damaging disease. Free from Addiction will redefine addiction treatment and provide new hope to all those embarking on recovery.


Praise for Free from Addiction

"Dr. Morteza Khaleghi (Dr. K) is one of America's leading experts on addiction and a beacon of hope to addicts everywhere. A trusted advisor on the Dr. Phil Show, he has successfully helped countless individuals quit drugs and alcohol by confronting the underlying emotional issues as well as tackling the addiction itself. If you or someone you love suffers from addiction, you need to buy his book."--Dr. Phil

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  • Morteza Khaleghi, Ph.D. with Constance Loizos

  • Dr. Morteza Khaleghi has over twenty years of experience treating the dually diagnosed. He was trained at the California Graduate Institute, earning his doctorate in Clinical Psychology. He founded Creative Care in 1989, a clinic devoted to providing individualized, very highly specialized treatment for the dually diagnosed client. Since 2004, he has acted as a resource for The Dr. Phil Show, offering treatment at Creative Care to challenging patients such as a schizophrenic mother and a nineteen-year-old child molester. Dr. Khaleghi personally appears on the show to offer advice on patients’ recovery and updates on their progress.


    Constance Loizos has been a print journalist for 15 years. Her work has appeared in a wide number of outlets, including Yoga Journal, Fast Company, National Geographic, Newsweek, Barron’s, BusinessWeek, Portfolio, Inc., iD, San Francisco magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the San Jose Mercury News, among others. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and son.



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Free from Addiction

Facing Yourself and Embracing Recovery

Morteza Khaleghi, Ph.D. with Constance Loizos