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The Clinton Charisma

The Clinton Charisma

A Legacy of Leadership

Donald T. Phillips

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It is often overlooked, but Bill Clinton assumed the presidency in one of the most difficult times in our nation's history. The country was in a deep recession, the end of the Cold War had created new threats to our national security, and our health care system was in shambles.
The country has now come full circle. Leadership has been replaced with self-interest, cronyism, and fear. More than ever, Bill Clinton's candor and success in adversity warrant revisiting during this age of a closed-door administration and governmental incompetence.
The Clinton Charisma is a fascinating, prescriptive guide that reveals the former president's complex leadership techniques, including his attention to public opinion, his ability to take quick corrective action, and his efficient damage control in the face of political and personal difficulty.
From diversity to decisiveness, from consensus to compromise, each chapter explores how Clinton employed important leadership principles and the ways in which they were--or were not--effective.
The author asks in the introduction, "Are there lessons to be learned from his time in office--from his damage control strategies, from his ability to implement diversity, or from his decision-making process?"
The answer, as Donald T. Phillips's The Clinton Charisma makes compellingly clear, is yes.


Praise for The Clinton Charisma

“Remarkable...a lively and entertaining study that delivers uncommon good sense.” —USA Today on Lincoln on Leadership

“An honest and useful look at Lincoln's leadership style...Phillips' timing couldn't be better.” —Chicago Tribune on Lincoln on Leadership

“Every member of Congress should have a copy of this book and study it carefully.” —Mary Matalin on Lincoln on Leadership

“Bill Clinton was a dynamic and engaging president who constantly sought ways to connect with the people he served. Phillips has captured that energy with a clear analysis of the essential elements of Clinton's leadership style. Recommended reading for anyone involved in public service or business leadership.” —Bill Richardson, governor of New Mexico

“Bill Clinton's leadership is a model for the twenty-first century--it stresses unity over division, policy over party, and hope over fear. At a time when the nation and the world badly need healing, this book provides an important guide to those who seek to lead in the future.” —Leon E. Panetta, former White House chief of staff to Bill Clinton, and director of the Panetta Institute

“When Bill Clinton was president, he was able to pass an extraordinary amount of legislation despite scandals, an opposition party in congress, and personal failure. How did he do it? This carefully researched book documents the power of the man, illuminating for the reader just what a remarkable leader our 42nd president was.” —Jane Alexander, actress, author, and former chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts

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About the author

Donald T. Phillips

Donald T. Phillips is a distinguished professional speaker and one of the premier authorities in the emerging "historical leadership" genre. His previous publications include an acclaimed trilogy on American leadership, covering Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Founding Fathers. He also served three terms as Mayor of Fairview, Texas. Phillips also has extensive media experience; he has made appearances on ABC, CNBC, Fox, NPR and C-Span.

Donald T. Phillips

Donald T. Phillips

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