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Jesus Was a Liberal

Jesus Was a Liberal

Reclaiming Christianity for All

Rev. Scotty McLennan

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For the millions of people who identify as liberal Christians. In McLennan's bold call to reclaim ownership of Christianity, he advocates a sense of religion based not on doctrinal readings of scripture but on the humanity behind Christ's teachings. He addresses such topics as intelligent design, abortion, same sex marriage, war. torture and much, much more. As he says in the Preface, "We liberal Christians know in our hearts that there is much more to life than seems to meet the rational eye of atheists; yet we find it hard to support supernatural claims about religion that fly in the face of scientific evidence."


Praise for Jesus Was a Liberal

“An immensely readable book that reclaims the honorable word 'liberal' for a vision of Christianity that is persuasive, compelling, and faithful.” —Marcus J. Borg, author of The Heart of Christianity and Jesus: The Life, Teaching and Relevance of a Religious Revolutionary

“A wonderfully readable and very timely book. It makes Jesus available again, as he has been at many times in history, to a much wider spectrum of people, and not just 'liberals.' Will be appreciated by those who want to 'conserve' what he stood for, taught and died for.” —Harvey Cox, author of When Jesus Came to Harvard and The Future of Faith

“A clear-eyed, hopeful manifesto of belief, written with style and integrity. At last - the progressive case for faith, powerfully made.” —James Carroll, author of Practicing Cathoilic

“This is an entertaining, gentle and affirming book.” —Publishers Weekly on Finding Your Religion: When the Faith You Grew Up with Has Lost Its Meaning

“McLennan offers wise commentary and anecdotes that gently guide the individual seeker toward finding a religious home.” —Cleveland Plain Dealer on Finding Your Religion: When the Faith You Grew Up with Has Lost Its Meaning

“If blind belief has driven you to blind disbelief, or if you feel your life is in spiritual disarray, or if you simply want to read something thoughtful and sensitive, try this book. Scotty McLennan is an experienced guide on a variety of paths leading to what we all need--a greater spiritual awareness.” —Reverend William Sloane Coffin, author of A Passion for the Possible, on Finding Your Religion: When the Faith You Grew Up with Has Lost Its Meaning

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About the author

Rev. Scotty McLennan

The Rev. Scotty McLennan is the dean for religious life at Stanford University. He was the university Chaplain at Tufts University from 1984 to 2000, and senior lecturer at the Harvard Business School for ten of those years. McLennan received his B.A. from Yale University in 1970 as a Scholar of the House working in the area of computers and the mind. He received his M.Div. and J.D. degrees from Harvard Divinity and Law Schools in 1975. In 1975, he was also ordained to the ministry (Unitarian Universalist) and admitted to the Massachusetts bar as an attorney. He is the author of Finding Your Religion and was the inspiration for Doonesbury's Rev. Scott Sloan.

Scotty McLennan

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