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Origami Zoo

Origami Zoo

An Amazing Collection of Folded Paper Animals

Robert J. Lang and Stephen Weiss

St. Martin's Griffin


Trade Paperback

In Origami Zoo, two of the world's finest paper folders invite you to create your own menagerie with this exciting how to make origami animals book. This collection of original papercraft creatures, ranging from the exotic to the familiar, the elegant to the whimsical, will both inspire the beginner and challenge the most accomplished folder.

Across the animal kingdom, from land, sea, and air, you can choose to make a dolphin, penguin, swan, owl, goose, kangaroo, praying mantis, or even the mythical Pegasus or extinct wooly mammoth. Each of these thirty-seven projects is true origami--folded from a single piece of paper with no cutting or gluing--and is complete with clear step-by-step diagrams, instructions, and a photograph of the finished model.

As children's toys or decorations, the fun and artistic projects in Origami Zoo is a perfect do-it-yourself paper folding crafts book for aspiring artists.


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About the author

Robert J. Lang and Stephen Weiss

Robert J. Lang, author of The Complete Book of Origami, lives in Altadena, California. Stephen Weiss is the author of Wings & Things: Origami That Flies, and is the designer of the FliteRings kit, distributed by AG Industries. He lives in Miami Beach, Florida.

Robert J. Lang

Stephen Weiss

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