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An American Band

written by Jim Bessman

St. Martin's Griffin


Trade Paperback

The authorized story of an American band who shaped the history of music for generations. Today's new music-makers are looking back at the bands that broke the ground, and the Ramones are it: the original high priests of punk, the stars of rock 'n roll high school, the royal avatars of rock, raunch, and rebellion. 60 photographs and illustrations.


Praise for Ramones

“Before the Ramones, there was nothing” —A rock critic

“The Ramones were the only outside band that everyone looked up to.” —Chrissie Hynde

“They've remained true to their vision of rock'n' roll as fast, fun music.” —Kurt Loder

“They speak up for outcasts and disturbed individuals.” —Jon Pareles, the New York Times

“People say that your music is loud and destructive and lethal to mice, but I think you're the Beethovens of our time.” —from Rock 'n' Roll High School

“Virtually every current commercial guideline in rock is broken somewhere in the Ramones.” —Robert Hillburn

“We're not trying to compete with Bruce Springsteen.” —Tommy Ramone

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