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The Game Is Afoot

The Game Is Afoot

Parodies, Pastiches and Ponderings of Sherlock Holmes

Edited by Marvin Kaye

St. Martin's Griffin


Trade Paperback
This long awaited volume finally brings to light several cases of the world's most renowned detective originally suppressed to avoid causing scandal and embarrassment to the Crown, to public figures, or to Sherlock Holmes himself. Now, finally, the truth is revealed about Holmes' exploits involving such figures as Ida Tarbell, Consuelo Vanderbilt, P.G. Wodehouse, and James McNeil Whistler. Related by diverse hands, including Watson, Inspector Lestrade, and Holmes himself, detailing untold incidents involving the Titanic, Holmes' rematch with Irene Adler, the childhoods of both Holmes and Watson, and one unfortunate result of Holmes' facility with disguise, this cornucopia of Sherlockiana will delight fans young and not-so-young.


Praise for The Game Is Afoot

“If your heart belongs to Baker Street, don't miss Marvin Kaye's generous anthology.” —Jon L. Breen, Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine

“The newcomer to Holmes as well as the established Sherlockian, will relish having the best efforts of the best writers who have taken a turn at immortalizing the detective collected in one book.” —Publisher's Weekly

“For the thousands of readers who can never get enough of Holmes, Watson, Mrs. Hudson, and the Baker Street Irregulars, this book promises new insights and hours of enjoyment. Spend an evening curled up by the fire, and prepare to be entertained.” —Mostly Murder

“Rich with thrills and laughter, this is a true delight for all students of the Baker Street menage. Recommended.” —Library Journal

“As a member of the Baker Street Irregulars and Sherlockian for three decades, I think this is the biggest and best anthology of parodies and pastiches since Ellery Queen's The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes, now a half-century old.” —Otto Penzler ("The King of Bohemia")

“A masterful job...The Game is Afoot is a mother lode of Sherlockian writings.” —The Armchair Detective

“A three-scoop helping of Holmesiana ranging from reprints of classic parodies to evergreen pastiches to new stories. A sumptuous feast.” —Kirkus Reviews

About the author

Edited by Marvin Kaye

Marvin Kaye is the author and editor of more than forty books. He lives in New York City.

Marvin Kaye

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