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So You Want to Be a Lesbian?

So You Want to Be a Lesbian?

Liz Tracey and Sydney Pokorny

St. Martin's Griffin


Trade Paperback

So you've heard that lesbians are chic, hot, and the "next big thing" but you still wonder what is all the fuss about a Middle Eastern country? Well, So You Want to Be a Lesbian? is here to rescue America from its confusion. It is the essential travel guide to the Sapphic landscape, illustrating key terms, "coming out" (how to do it without having your aunt collapse in the strudel), and much more. A mix of history, culture, little-known facts about the lesbian nation (hint: don't look for it in an atlas), and dating tips for the confirmed, the soon-to-be-out, and just plain-curious, So You Want to Be a Lesbian? answers the essential questions, pokes fun at lesbian tradition, and provides a road map of where lesbians a road map of where lesbians are heading for the millennium (we've got news for you: it's not Kansas).

-Where the girls are-tips for cruising
-Sports, vehicles, and places to live
-The essentials for a dyke lifestyle
-Lesbian studies-the crib notes


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About the author

Liz Tracey and Sydney Pokorny

Liz Tracey is the Editor-in-Chief of LGNY (Lesbian and Gay New York) and the editor of A Delicate Fire: Quotations on Lesbian Love (St. Martin's, 1996). She was a columnist (with Sydney Pokorny) for Outweek magazine, and is a contributor to Out. She lives in New York City, where she was born and raised.

Sydney Pokorny is a graduate of Vassar College. She currently lives in New York where she is the co-founder of the infrequently published (although still quite alive) zine Dead Jackie Susann Quarterly.

Liz Tracey

Sydney Pokorny

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