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Dining By Rail

Dining By Rail

The History and Recipes of America's Golden Age of Railroad Cuisine

James D. Porterfield

St. Martin's Griffin


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Dining by Rail is James D. Porterfield's book of history and recipes from America's golden age of railroad cuisine. Porterfield is a devotee of railroad history and a gourmet cook, and while preparing this book he sorted through 7,500 railroad recipes. Full of authentic menus and classic recipes like Lobster Newburg, deviled eggs and blanc mange, Dining by Rail is the book for anyone who has ever dreamed of returning to the days of glamorous travel.


Praise for Dining By Rail

“...mouthwatering...A sumptuous social history, complete with recipes.” —Entertainment Weekly

“A wonderful book of interesting information and great food.” —Merle Ellis, Host of "Cookin' USA," The Nashville Network

“Readers...may find this book fulfilling their wildest dreams...invaluable...For authentic American [cuisine] presented without campiness or apology, this is the source.” —Publishers Weekly

“[A] loving look at dining cars, first-class meals, and the vanished romance of rail travel.” —Beverly Bundy, Staff Writer, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“...unique, practical and highly informative...Besides 150 priceless photographs, the book contains...simple and easy-to-follow recipes.” —The Virginia Quarterly Review

“ entertaining and scholarly book...eloquent.” —John P. Hankey, Chief Curator, B&O Railroad Museum

“...fascinating...If you're a rail enthusiast who loves to cook, you'll be delighted.” —The Milwaukee Journal

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About the author

James D. Porterfield

James D. Porterfield is a devotee of railroad history and a gourmet cook. He sorted through 7,500 authentic railroad recipes while preparing Dining By Rail. He lives and teaches in State College, Pennsylvania.

James D. Porterfield

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