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After You

After You

A Novel

Annie Garrett

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It begins with a postcard from Riley Brackett's wife to Clare McClendon, informing her that Riley has been in a serious accident and lost his memory of everything but her and the summer they spent together when Clare was seventeen. Could Clare come to Maine? Perhaps seeing her will cause Riley to recall his wife and two children, and the intervening years. Clare, who is dealing with a faltering marriage and her mother-in-law's cancer, agrees to the request against her better judgment. For Riley, things are now as they once were, and though Clare at first resists, she is soon caught up herself - in a way, as lost as he. With commitments to other people in their lives, there is no second chance for love - or is there? Annie Garrett ventures into Sue Miller and Elizabeth Berg territory with this moving novel about memory and its romantic, healing force in the present.


Later on the day the postcard arrived, a hot sogginess crept in. All afternoon it came, reminding Clare of the fog coming in off the ocean in Maine. Some evenings that long-ago summer, she and Riley had watched strands of fog move among the little...


Praise for After You

“Wow! Finally a good old-fashioned love story. I got completely lost in the romance of this book. I loved the country. I loved the relationship. I loved the love. It's going to make a wonderful movie.” —Dawn Steel, Producer and author of the book They Can Kill You, But They Can't Eat You

“I loved it! Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground is a beautiful love story, told in a delightfully fresh voice. If I were a music critic, I might call it a song whose notes are pure and new and hauntingly sweet.” —Barbara Delinsky, author of Shades of Grace

Angel is a lovely story . . . It's an ode to the Ozarks. to country music, and to all the down-home values that have become so dear. In it can be heard a paean of pain for faded hopes and empty dreams and the need for second chances, yet also the affirmation of how much love can matter. It truly flies while catching pure images and emotions in butterfly nets of words. I loved it.” —Jennifer Blake author of Wildest Dreams and Silver-Tongued Devil

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Annie Garrett

Annie Garrett is the author of After You.

Annie Garrett

Annie Garrett

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