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Midlife Motherhood

Midlife Motherhood

A Woman-to-Woman Guide to Pregnancy and Parenting

Jann Blackstone-Ford, M.A.

St. Martin's Griffin


Trade Paperback

"The future doesn't frighten me, but sometimes I wish there was help, a type of midlife mom roadside assistance-someone who would show up exactly when you need it and tell you how to handle the problem." -Janice Stewart, mother at thirty-nine to Joshua

What's a woman to do when she's facing menopause, toddlers, and elder care all at the same time? Women who have "been there and done that" provide some insight in Midlife Motherhood. Offering humor, warmth, and frankness, this is a handholding guide for the uninitiated.

What's on their minds:
· Common fears and concerns: from Down's syndrome to being too old
· Fertility challenges and what to physically expect from pregnancy
· How to juggle postpartum demands-parenting, working, caring for aging parents . . . and all at once!
· Getting back into shape
· Hot flashes and warm bottles: coping with hormonal changes while caring for a new baby


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About the author

Jann Blackstone-Ford, M.A.

Jann Blackstone-Ford is a certified mediator and the Stepfamily and Divorce Specialist as well as the Midlife Mother expert for, an iVillage website. She is the director of Bonus Families,, a non-profit organization dedicated to the support and reassurance of stepfamilies around the world. She is also the creator of, a support site for women who choose to become mothers at midlife. Jann lives with her family in Discovery Bay, California.

Jann Blackstone-Ford

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