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Life After Birth

Life After Birth

What Even Your Friends Won't Tell You About Motherhood

Kate Figes with Jean Zimmerman

St. Martin's Griffin


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The birth of a child can provoke profound change in a woman-in her health, career, emotions, sex life, and relationships with friends, husband and family. Pregnancy and childbirth radically alter a women's body and metabolism--it's virtually impossible to "bounce back" quickly after childbirth. And many new moms discover that their sex lives and social lives--and with them, their self esteem--evaporate with a new baby, who they somehow seem to have been made wholly responsible for.

Life After Birth doesn't cloak the truth in pastel colors, but explores the actual physical, psychological and emotional consequences of giving birth. Through extensive research and interviews, Figes tackles the tough realities of a new mother's life. What she discovered can help a new parent face some of the most difficult decisions she'll ever have to make.


Praise for Life After Birth

Life After Birth is like the midwife you dreamed of: wise, compassionate, and willing to stay by your side all the way through those amazingly intense months after the baby is born.” —Noelle Oxenhandler, author of The Eros of Parenthood

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Kate Figes with Jean Zimmerman

Kate Figes is the author of Because of her Sex. She writes regularly on parenting issues for London's Times and Guardian. She lives in London. Jean Zimmerman is the coauthor, with Gil Reavill, of Raising Our Athletic Daughters: How Sports Can Guild Selft-Esteem And Save Girls' LivesS

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