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Ruthann Robson

St. Martin's Griffin


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An intricate and daring novel centered on the identities that two women create for themselves. Margaret Smyth is an escort for women who assumes different names and identities for each of her clients while struggling to finish law school to ensure your future. BJ, a soap opera actress under the name Jill Willis, has a melodramatic personal life that rivals that of the charater she plays on television. Initially strangers, as their identities begin to unravel, these two women are drawn--to each other and to salvation.

Lambda Literary Award - Nominee


Praise for A/K/A

“Ruthann Robson's new novel is a tightly crafted experiment in psychological narrative...It proceeds like a champion chess game---tentatively and with total precision...We learn about each player in flawless, highly aesthetic prose. Robson's literary language is economical and vivid, full of sensual pleasures.” —Lambda Book Report

“The author points a compelling picture of two very rich characters who lives are destined to collide...[The story] builds to an exciting peak and by the end the reader is hooked” —Library Journal

“Read a/k/a/ slowly, savor the deftness with which Robson writes, and let her text work like 'a kiss on the shoulder' that 'unfolds into a bite.'” —Lesbian Review of Books

“Slowly tantalizingly, this well-crafted novel weaves the threads of these women's lives together, divulging a bit more background here, a chance encounter there...fascinating” —Booklist

“Robson weaves intrigue, mystery and romance into a compelling tale.” —Publishers Weekly

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About the author

Ruthann Robson

Ruthhann Robson is the author of Another Mother (SMP, 1996). She is a professor of law at the City University of New York School of Law.

Ruthann Robson

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