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Nosh New York

Nosh New York

The Food Lover's Guide to New York City's Most Delicious Neighborhoods

Myra Alperson

St. Martin's Griffin


Trade Paperback

Whether you're a lifelong New Yorker or you're visiting for the first time, when you're in the Big Apple you're in food heaven - a nosher's paradise where you can find the freshest and most authentic foods of any cuisine in the world, from steaming soup dumplings to Persian Kebabs, Moroccan tagines, Chinese bubble tea, Senegalese ginger beer, Colombian cholados, kosher focaccia bread, the freshest Italian cheeses, Guyanese roti and more!

In this thorough and user-friendly book, passionate New York food guide Myra Alperson takes readers on her popular tours around town. Organized by borough and divided into easy-to-follow walks -- each of which can be done in an afternoon -- she points readers to the best ethnic restaurants, cafes, bakeries, tea houses, take-out stores, specialty shops, produce stands, supermarkets, and other food hot spots.

From generations-old favorites to vibrant newcomers, the delicious discoveries and include the best:

- Indian, Greek, Brazilian, Cuban, Romanian, Irish, Chinese, Afghan and Thai spots in Queens
- Italian, Kosher, Caribbean, Polish, Scandinavian, Russian and Moroccan delights in Brooklyn
- Chinese, West African, Soul Food, Mexican, Dominican, Korean and Turkish finds in Manhattan
- Sicilian, Albanian, Jamaican and Cambodian delights in the Bronx
- And much more.

You'll also discover: New York's last authentic beer garden * where to buy Chilean hot dogs and Brazilian pizza* the newest wave of Egyptian markets * the last Kosher market in Brighton Beach and the only Norwegian market in New York City * fun and delectable side trips * vegetarian and kid-friendly finds * cultural information for each neighborhood, along with info on the best parks, museums, gift shops, and bookstores.

Complete with subway, bus, and car directions along with detailed maps of each neighborhood covered, Nosh New York turns an afternoon in the city into a delicious food adventure.


Praise for Nosh New York

“Alperson weaves in history with her often fascinating culinary tour.” —Publishers Weekly

“{Myra Alperson is} a guide who combines food and culture can unravel the mysteries of the city in a most satisfying way....her enthusiasm never wanes.” —Boston Globe

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About the author

Myra Alperson

Myra Alperson is the founder and leader of NoshWalks, a popular food-tour company in New York City, and the publisher of NoshNews, a newsletter detailing her latest food discoveries in the city's ethnic neighborhoods. She is also the author of The Food Lover's Guide to the Real New York, The International Adoption Handbook, and Dim Sum, Bagels & Grits: A Sourcebook for Multicultural Families. She lives in Manhattan with her daughter.

Myra Alperson

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