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How to Help an Alcoholic or Addict Get Started on Recovery

Gene Hawes and Anderson Hawes

St. Martin's Griffin


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Addiction-Free is a complete up-to-date guide of who, what, where, and when you or someone you love can contact to get help for problems with alcohol or other drugs. Here are the names, numbers, and e-mail addresses of the experts---millions have found a way out, and so can you.

This invaluable guide includes six initial options for getting into recovery:

-- The AA treatment program
--Interventions, detox and rehab
--Work related programs
--Law-enforcement programs
--Therapeutic communities

Addiction-Free: How to Help an Alcoholic or Addict Get Started on Recovery is a much-needed guide for everyone whose life is touched by addiction.


Praise for Addiction-Free

“For anyone who lives and worries about an alcoholic or drug addict.” —Carol Cox Smith, author of Recovery at Work

“Easily readable directions as to how family members, friends, as well as the afflicted persons themselves, can find tremendously helpful assistance and guidance” —Robert A. Liebelt, Ph.D., M.D., Medical Director, Sister Ignatia Hall and the Robert H. Smith, M.D. (Dr. Bob) Interim Care Center

“I have spent twenty-five years working with drug addicts, alcoholigcs, and ex-convicts, and I have a doctorate degree in clinical psychology. No amount of experience or education prepared me for my closest relative going back into addiction. This book is a step-by-step guide on how to detach with love and how to find sanity while you're trying to help your loved one.” —Teri Lynch DeLane, Ph.D., director of Choices Program for Incarcerated Men and Women

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About the author

Gene Hawes and Anderson Hawes

Gene Hawes is the author of many books including Rx for Recovery: The Medical and Health Guide for Alcoholics, Addicts and Their Families (with Jeffrey Weisberg, M.D.); he lives in a small town just north of New York City.

Anderson Hawes is a licensed professional clinical counselor (LPCC), a licensed social worker, and a certified chemical dependency counselor in private practice near Akron Ohio.

Gene Hawes M.D.

Anderson Hawes

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