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Bob Knight with Bob Hammel; With a New Afterword

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Few people in sports have had more books written about them. This is the first by Bob Knight---one of the most literate, candid, quoted, and outspoken men in American public life telling in this first-person account of his full, rich life. Much of that life has been in basketball, most of it because of basketball, but it also has brought him forward as a coach, who has proved academic responsibility and production of championship college athletic teams not only can coexist but should. His excitement as things start anew for him at Texas Tech is matched here by his characteristic frankness and remarkable recollection of a life he clearly has enjoyed.

His Indiana teams also won NCAA titles in 1980--81 and 1986--87. The 1975--76 Indiana team was the last unbeaten team in college men's basketball. Knight's career includes six seasons as head coach at Army, where his teams won 102 games and lost 50. He is the only coach whose teams won championships in the NCAA tournament, the National Invitation Tournament, the Olympic Games, and the Pan American Games. During all that he has been at the heart of more controversies while running a winning and squeaky-clean program than any coach of any sport anytime or anywhere.

His excitement as things start anew for him is matched here by his candor and remarkable recollection of a life he clearly has enjoyed. You'll see why, with story after story---some delightful, some hilarious, some poignant, none of them dull: the story of Bob Knight's life.



The Eight Greatest Words
For the first time in thirty-six years, I don't have a basketball team.
I remember very clearly the thought going through my mind that day:
Only in America...


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“They say say that there are two sides to every story. In Knight, Bob Knight presents his, well told.” —Bookpage

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Bob Knight with Bob Hammel; With a New Afterword

Bobby Knight has proven over and over again that he is the finest basketball coach in America. No other coach can cite NCAA and NIT championships, and Olympic and Pan American gold medals among his achievements. He is one of only thirteen coaches in college basketball history to record 700 or more victories. His coaching achievements were honored in May of 1991, when he was inducted into the National Basketball Hall of Fame. He currently coaches Texas Tech.

Bob Hammel was sports editor of the Bloomington Herald-Times for thirty years before he retired following the 1996 Olympics. He is the author of nine previous books, six of which were on Indiana basketball.

Bob Knight

Bob Knight

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