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Adventures of a Continental Drifter

Adventures of a Continental Drifter

An Around-the-World Excursion into Weirdness, Danger, Lust, and the Perils of Street Food

Elliott Hester

St. Martin's Griffin


Trade Paperback

One year. Six continents. Twenty-two countries. Endless stories to tell.

In October 2002, Elliott Hester sold his car, abandoned his apartment, and took off alone on a trip around the world, during which he drifted to more than fifty destinations. Elliott's tales about his travels range from the bizarre to the hilarious to the flat-out shocking. Travel with him as he:

* Chases off transvestites in the South Pacific
* Gets drunk on Estonian moonshine at the maker's eightieth birthday party
* Impersonates Samuel L. Jackson at the 38th International Film Festival in the Czech Republic
* Ponders the Finnish tradition of sprinting from steamy sauna to plunge into the frigid Baltic Sea---naked!
* And much more

Only an around-the-world excursion could produce such outlandish, hair-raising, hysterical adventures. And only Elliott Hester could make such vivid observations and write such vibrant insights about life---and people---on the road.


Praise for Adventures of a Continental Drifter

“Hester . . . is a terrific travel companion---funny, self-deprecating, and exceedingly open-minded.” —Chicago Tribune

“A romp . . . Hester's writing is lively.” —Publishers Weekly

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About the author

Elliott Hester

Bestselling author Elliott Hester is an award-winning travel writer. He writes "Continental Drifter," a syndicated travel column carried nationwide, and has no fixed address.

Elliott Hester

Elliott Hester

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