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The Names of Rivers

The Names of Rivers

A Novel

Daniel Buckman



Trade Paperback

In a rustbelt town south of Chicago, three generations of Konick men attempt to assemble lives lived in the shadows of war. Bruno Konick is the patriarch, haunted by his actions during the World War II liberation of Dachau. His middle-aged sons, Bruce and Len, struggle for happiness while living with the disfiguring traumas of combat in Southeast Asia. Bruce's son, Luke, is torn between the influences of father and grandfather, a precarious bridge between the aftershocks of violence and valor.


Praise for The Names of Rivers

“Let the word go out: There's a new Hemingway loose in America.” —San Francisco Chronicle

The Names of Rivers is a stunning look into the dark violence at the root of men's souls. It will leave you sickened like a gut-punch, but it will also make you want to come back for more.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“Intensely written. . .displays a remarkably exacting touch. . . [and] surefooted storytelling skills.” —Publishers Weekly

“Austerely beautiful prose. An elliptical, memorable read.” —Booklist

“A haunting novel of family hurt and retribution that is beautiful in style and execution.” —Library Journal

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About the author

Daniel Buckman

Daniel Buckman served as a paratrooper with the U.S. Army. He lives in Chicago, and is also the author of Water in Darkness and Morning Dark.

Daniel Buckman

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