Red Star Rising

A Thriller

Charlie Muffin Thrillers (Volume 14)

Brian Freemantle

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Britain’s MI5 tolerates Charlie Muffin because he’s their best field agent. What none of his colleagues knows, though, is that he is married to Natalia Fedova, a colonel in the FSB, the Russian intelligence successor to the KGB. It’s a secret that could land her in front of a firing squad, and him in jail for life. Worst of all, their daughter would then end up in a Russian state orphanage.

But a frantic call from Natalia has brought their secret out, and Charlie must lead a combined MI5/MI6 mission to rescue her. He soon realizes that his higher-ups have other priorities than his family’s safety. Charlie will have to outwit not just the Russians but his own government as well to protect the lives of his wife and child.

Clever, unpredictable, and exciting, Red Star Burning shows why Brian Freemantle has been widely praised as one of the greatest living espionage novelists.


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CHARLIE MUFFIN DECIDED IT WAS A TOSS-UP BETWEEN THE British embassy’s third secretary or the Russian Foreign Ministry official who’d be the first to throw up or simply faint. Or messily do both, not necessarily in any order. Charlie didn’t feel that good himself. It had been a busy, largely sleepless forty-eight hours since his emergency London assigning, and he’d never liked mortuaries anyway. The unease wasn’t helped by a mortuary assistant four autopsy tables away, munching a meat-overflowing sandwich. The grayness of the sandwich filling matched the color


Praise for Red Star Rising

“Freemantle…knows that the conflict at the heart of espionage fiction is not West versus East but individual versus organization. Charlie Muffin carries the individual’s colors as well as any character in the genre.”--Booklist

“Last seen in 2002’s Kings of Many Castles, working-class British spy Charlie Muffin once again proves that experience and intelligence (on the part of both author and hero) are at least as important as flying fists and explosions in the entertaining entry in Freemantle’s long-running series.”--Publishers Weekly

Praise for Brian Freemantle

“His thrillers . . . are both sleek and tough, filled with gritty characters and superb plotting.”
---Chicago Tribune

“Freemantle, certainly one of the top espionage writers today, may very well be one of the best of all time.”

“Impossible to put down . . . marvelous . . . real genius."
---The Washington Post

“Wonderful. . . . . Freemantle holds the reader in his thrall with masterful, insightful writing.”
---Orlando Sentinel

“Praised as more than a match for John le Carré, Freemantle will not disappoint readers.”
---Library Journal

“If you like to read about a protagonist who, like a master chess player, seems to be think three or four moves ahead of everyone, then the Charlie M series is for you. It is deliciously complex.”
---Deadly Pleasures

“If Brian Freemantle isn’t the best writer of spy novels around, he’s certainly, along with John le Carré, in the top two. . . . It doesn’t get much better than this.”
---The Philadelphia Inquirer

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  • Brian Freemantle

  • BRIAN FREEMANTLE is the author more than thirty books, which have sold more than ten million copies worldwide. These include fourteen previous novels in the Charlie Muffin series, most recently Red Star Rising. He has been foreign editor and chief foreign correspondent for the London Daily Mail and foreign correspondent for the London Daily Sketch, among others. He lives in England.

  • Brian Freemantle


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Red Star Rising

A Thriller

Charlie Muffin Thrillers

Brian Freemantle



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