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Street Dreams

Street Dreams

A Novel


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Love, Betrayal and Loyalty on the Streets of Harlem

Daruis, a.k.a. Rio, the only child of a singer turned alcoholic, feels he has nothing to hold on to except the idea of escaping the ghetto. Years ago, he took a gun charge for a friend and did some prison time. Unable to find a job when he gets out, Rio turns to hustling as a way out. In the meantime, Rio finds escape in the arms of his soulmate, Trinity.

When Trinity's mother died, her abusive father looks to her to play the role of house wife and bedmate. Trinity finds strength to endure in Rio's arms. Together they vow to do whatever it takes to make it out of the ghetto. But soon they find their backs against the wall when the streets come to claim their due.


Chapter 1

"Y'all niggaz line the fuck up. Everybody gonna get served, just hold ya head." The corner managers barked their instructions and the fiends did as they were told. That's just the way it went in the hood.

Darius, also...


Praise for Street Dreams

“K'wan has really out done himself on this one. Street Dreams is a must read for any fan of urban fiction.” —Shannon Holmes, national bestselling author of Bad Girlz and B-More Careful

“K'wan delivers another classic with Street Dreams. . .You won't be disappointed!” —Mark Anthony, Essence bestselling author of Paper Chasers

“Gangsta was hot and Road Dawgz hushed any and all who thought K'wan was just a passing thing. But Street Dreams is a classic. The kid has got a story to tell.” —Darren Coleman, Essence bestselling author of Before I Let Go

“K'wan has done it again with another bangin' tale of the streets. . .This is by far K'wan's best work. The game is over!” —Joy, Essence bestselling author of Dollar Bill

“K'wan promises to bring the good ol' days back to literature. . .when authors existed that wrote such gripping tales that you never had to question whether or not you should cop their books. K'wan's stories are always satisfaction guaranteed, with characters that you can see and feel. With Street Dreams he is set to take over the griot of a new generation. Make way for the Donald Goines/Iceberg Slim of our era.” —Tracy Brown, author Black

“If you thought Gangsta and Road Dawgz were bestsellers. . .wait until you read this! K'wan is raising the stakes for all of us. He's a triple threat to the industry.” —KaShamba Williams, author of Blinded and Grimey

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K'WAN is the #1 Essence bestselling author of Welfare Wifeys, Section 8, Gutter, Still Hood, Hood Rat, and others. He wrote his first novel, Gangsta, as a therapeutic release, and it went on to become an Essence bestseller and a part of urban-lit history. In 2008 he received the Black Author of the Year Award from Black Press Radio. He has been featured in Time, KING, The New York Press, and on MTV and BET. Besides an author, K'wan is also a motivational speaker, a mentor to at-risk children and the C.E.O. of Black Dawn, Inc. He lives in New Jersey.


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