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Mrs. Big

Mrs. Big

Maryann Reid

St. Martin's Griffin



Trade Paperback

Loletta Hightower likes to live big: exotic vacations, designer clothing, trips to the spa. But it gets harder and harder to support her lavish lifestyle working the reception desk at a luxury car dealership. And though Loletta can con athletes, celebrities, and wealthy businessmen into taking care of her bills for a few months at a time, she wants the holy grail of every gold-digging businesswoman: the ring.
When she runs into Kavon "Big" Jackson, an NBA player and former college classmate of hers, she finds it really isn't so hard to snag a high-profile husband. But it sure is hard to keep him satisfied. "Big" lives up to his name in every way, including his temper and his libido---neither of which Loletta can control. As violence and infidelity escalate in their home, so does Loletta's resolve. She's got a few surprises up her own sleeve, and the drama is just beginning.…


Chapter One
"You got what?" asked Vernice, as she and Loletta sunbathed on the sunny, cerulean shores of the French Riviera.

"A Brazilian! I wanted to give myself a birthday treat." Loletta wiggled her behind further down the white...


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Maryann Reid

Maryann Reid obtained her masters of fine arts degree from the University of Miami, has written for Glamour magazine, and her novella, Single Black Female, appeared on Mrs. Big is her fourth book. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Maryann Reid

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